San Juan Seltzer Text to Win Sweepstakes Marketing – Case Study

San Juan Seltzer, the Pacific Northwest’s favorite all-natural, alcoholic sparkling waters launched its summertime promotion across retailers in Idaho, Oregon and Washington with objective of presenting the seltzer’s summer spirit and increasing sales.

Seltzer Market Boom

Danelle Kosmal, VP of Beverage Alcohol at Nielsen gives a summary of the seltzers sales market by saying that “Within the hugely successful and growing hard seltzer segment, new and ‘old’ brands alike can succeed even if their market share is relatively small or declining, because the total pool of sales of hard seltzer within US retail is growing at such a high rate,” Source: CNN

Goals – Awareness, Followers and Sales

San Juan Seltzer wanted to reach loyal fans to bring a bit of the summertime vibes that go so well with its seltzer. Leveraging Sweeppea’s text to win sweepstakes platform, San Juan Seltzer was able to create a sweepstakes that reached the target audience with a fun and engaging promotion.

Bubbling Sales – 500 Cases in One Store

To increase sales, the promotion was offered to retailers in exchange for additional case purchases. Retailers then awarded preferential display space in stores. (See 500 cases at Fred Meyer and BevMo below)

Text to Win In Store Display
BevMo Display

Social Media Summer Fun

To raise awareness and gain new followers, the brand used in-store displays and social media posts to help increase followers. The prize (a Ronix Wakesurf Board and a trip to the San Juan Islands) served as the incentive that drove social shares across all social channels and sweepstakes participants.

San Juan Seltzer Text to Win Sweepstakes Instagram Post
Instagram Post
San Juan Seltzer Text to Win Sweepstakes Twitter Post
Twitter Post
Facebook Post Promoting Sweepstakes

Quick and Easy for Participants

The Sponsor placed ads in social media and in-store. To enter the text to win sweepstakes, participants simply text the word SANJUAN to the number 65047 for a chance to win. Each entrant then received a link (see below) to the branded Entry Page (below), where they could complete their entry by submitting their name, age (required for all alcohol sponsors) and email. The mobile numbers were automatically captured by the Sweeppea Platform.

San Juan Seltzer Text to Win Sweepstakes Text Message
Text message response with link to Entry page.
San Juan Seltzer Text to Win Sweepstakes Entry Page
Sweepstakes Entry Page

Which Stores Performed Well?

San Juan Seltzer was interested in learning where the participants were located when they entered the sweepstakes. As part of the Entry form, San Juan asked participants to share which store they were at when they entered. (See questions section of the Entry form below).


Picture by @nicoleevents

Everyone loves summer! Aligning your brand with summer activities by leveraging a sweepstakes that adds excitement to the summertime vibes creates a recipe for sales success. Using your social media channels to promote your sweepstakes, while positioning your brand front-and-center at retailers is a win-win combination for all.

Cheers to San Juan Seltzer for a well-executed promotion!


  • Sales
  • Awareness
  • Increase followers


  • Sales increased
  • Hundreds of participants entered
  • Social media followers increased
  • Brand learned which retailers had the best performance
  • Winners: 10
  • Grand Prize: All expense paid trip to San Juan Islands
  • 1st Place Prizes: Ronix Wakesurf Boards

Who Needs Abbreviated Rules for Their Text-to-Win Sweepstakes? Alcohol Companies and Others

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Michael David Winery Freakshow Wine Weekend Sweepstakes – Case Study

Freakshow Weekend Sweepstakes Entry Page


Michael David Winery partnered with Sweeppea to launch their text to win sweepstakes promotion for the summer. The campaign entailed an in-store sweepstakes across multiple retailers with the objective of gaining preferential retail space for the product and to promote the Freakshow wine brand.


Increase case orders and promote the Freakshow wine brand at retailers nationwide.


Five Grand Prize Winners each received an all-expenses-paid trip to the Michael David Winery in Lodi, CA.

COVID-19 Prize Update: in an abundance of caution, Grand Prize winners were offered $2,000 in cash in lieu of travel.

MD Winery

Great Wines

POS Advertising

Display and case cards at Points-of-Sale (POS) were placed at retailers and customers were invited to text the word FREAKSHOW to the number 65047 for a chance to win the trip.

Mobile Ready Entry Page

Below is a screenshot of the Freakshow Weekend Sweepstakes Entry Page, including the age-gate and unique code field.


Special Retailer Codes

The display and POS Cards had unique codes identifying the store were the participant saw the promotion in. Participants were asked to enter the display code as part of entry to track store and ad placement performance.

Store Display Code Entry Field Sweepstakes

Geo-Location Tracking

Participants were asked to share their location in order for the brand to gain insights as to individual markets performance. Each pin represents one or more participants for that location.

Sweepstakes Participants Location Map
*Not actual MDW participants. Sample Geographic reporting graphic.


Case orders increased and participating retailers sold more bottles. Additionally, a permission-based database of customers with name, age, mobile, and email was gained.

Sweepstakes Services

Sweeppea helped create the Official Rules, provided POS ad reviews, winner drawing, age-gating, rules compliance verification, and gained prize acceptance, publicity and liability releases from the winners.  Overall, the Michael David Winery enjoyed a successful promotion. In the end, we raised a glass of Freakshow zinfandel and toasted to one of Lodi, California’s most iconic winemakers.

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WUSA 9 TV Station Helping Out Locally With a $100/ Day Sweepstakes


WUSA 9 (a Tegna owned station) delivers local news to District of Columbia, Maryland and parts of Virginia. Being an important part of the local community, the TV station wanted to offer help during the Coronavirus pandemic.  In a an effort to help, WUSA9 created a text-to-win sweepstakes to offer nine $100 American Express gift cards to one daily winner over a period of 9 days. WUSA 9 used the Sweeppea Platform to create the sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes Entry Methods

In order to gain a chance to win one of the Amex gift cards, the participant sent a text message with the word ESSENTIALS to the number 65047. Participants received a link to the sweepstakes Entry Form. Once the entry was submitted, participants were taken to the Thank You Page to confirm entry.

WUSA9 Text to Win

Text Message Response

Entry Page

Thank You for Entering Page

Winner Drawing

WUSA9 accessed their Sweeppea account during the promotional period to draw one random winner per day.

Winner Notification

All winners were notified via text message and told that they would receive their gift cards shortly.


A text to win sweepstakes can provide a very cost-effective way to create a sweepstakes quickly. In trying times, where delivering aid and a bit of hope is a priority, WUSA9 is showing one of the many ways they are present for their community.

Objective: To help the community.

Promotional Channels: Website

Results: Thousands of participants entered.

Prize(s): Nine (9) winners received one (1) $100 American Express Gift Card each.

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Capturing Customer During Live Events – Case Study

Loud and Live Farruko Text to Win Sweepstakes

Loud And Live, the entertainment, marketing and media company, that produces shows for top Latin artists, like Pitbull, Ricky Martin, Juan Luis Guerra, and Ricardo Montaner, reached out to Sweeppea with the goal of building a customer list (ticket holders) to use for re-marketing efforts.

Loud And Live, had a sold-out tour for Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and reggaeton artist Farruko. The famous artist was featured in Pedro Capo’s number 1 hit “Calma“. With a booked tour, the Loud And Live marketing team leveraged Sweeppea’s text to win platform to offer a chance to win a first-row ticket upgrade to one lucky winner before the show started.

Building Targeted List of Customers

In exchange for the chance to win, the participants provided their mobile number (automatically captured), name and email. With entry, the participants agreed to receive future email and text messages from Loud And Live. A simple, text-to-win sweepstakes opened the door for the creation of a new marketing channel targeting highly desirable future concert goers.

Capturing a Customer Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) are often referred as the “new rent” on businesses because of the skyrocketing pay-per-click costs that Google, Facebook and Instagram impose. “The marketing software company AdStage analyzed it’s Facebook impressions data and found that the median cost-per-click for Facebook news feed ads has risen from $0.43, during the second quarter of 2018, to $0.64, during the second quarter of 2019.” Source. Sweepstakes provide tremendous CAC cost value. In this case, Loud And Live spent $39 to run the sweepstakes for 2 hours before the concert started and captured thousands of prospective customers.

Capturing the On-the-Go Customer at a Live Event

The convenience and speed of a text worked well during the shows. To enter, all the participants had to do was text the word FARRU to the number 65047. The participants would received a link to the Entry Page, capturing name and email (mobile number automatically captured) and they were in.

Loud and Live Farruko Text to Win Sweepstakes Entry Page
Mobile Ready Sweepstakes Entry Page


A text to win sweepstakes, using Sweeppea’s platform, can provide a very cost-effective way to generate leads and capture customers information and permissions to receive marketing messages. All while lowering your Customer Acquisition Costs and increasing your marketing Return on Investment.


  • Build a list of customers to re-market future events.

Promotional Channels

  • Live at-venue pre-show
  • On-screen stage displays advertising text to win promotion


  • A database of customers was created with their name, mobile, and email was gained for future marketing use.
  • Thousands of participants entered.
  • One lucky winner got a front row seat to the show.

Prize: Upgrade to a front row seat at the show.

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Beyond Product Sampling, How Dsquared2 Engages Consumers – Case Study

Dsquared2 Wood Fragrance Text to Win Sweepstakes

Dsquared2 promoted its new fragrance with a text to win campaign that was coupled with product sampling.

Dsquared2 is an Italian fashion house founded by Dean and Dan Caten, twin brothers who are Canadian fashion designers, radio personalities, and businessmen. Dsquared2 gained popularity when Madonna commissioned it to design more than 150 pieces for her Drowned World Tour 2001 and “Don’t Tell Me” music video. The brand’s runway shows have also gained attention with stars like Christina Aguilera stripping male models of their clothes and Rihanna entering the stage in a muscle car and strutting down the  runway.

The company recently launched a new fragrance Wood, described as “a sensory experience that says everything about you and your personality. It is the most distinctive and intimate element because it makes you recognizable and different in a nondescript way.”

Beyond Product Sampling

Cover5, the product marketing agency, focused on placing product samples in top-tier magazines. The agency reached out to Sweeppea, looking for a way to capture information about readers interested in the fragrance.

Capturing Consumers

Sweeppea presented a text-to-win sweepstakes as the solution to collect information, while offering a chance to win a fragrance gift set. A simple-to-execute text to win sweepstakes achieved the goal of learning more about the brand’s customers and generating further engagement beyond product sampling.

Sweepstakes Entry Methodology

Cover5 placed ads with fragrance strips or samples in fashion magazines and offered readers a chance to win a Dsquared2 fragrance and gift collection set valued at $500. To enter, the reader had to simply text the name of the fragrance, WOOD, to the number 65047 for a chance to win. Each entrant then received a link to the branded Entry Page (below), where they could complete their entry by submitting their name and email (mobile numbers were automatically captured by the Sweeppea Platform).

Dsquared2 Wood Fragrance Text to Win Sweepstakes Entry Page
                                                           Sweepstakes Entry Page


When combined with product sampling, a text sweepstakes can provide more than branding and awareness, it can offer an opportunity to learn about the most important type of consumers, those interested in your product.  This promotion enhanced the brand’s awareness efforts and provided them with a deeper understanding of their potential customers.


  • Build product awareness
  • Engage magazine readers
  • Capture customer’s information for re-marketing

Marketing Channels

  • Select fashion magazines


  • A database of customers with name, mobile, and email was gained.
  • Client said “Thanks! Your platform is very nice.

Winner(s): 1

Prize: The ultimate DSQUARED2 fragrance and gift collection, Approximate Retail Value (ARV) of all prize(s) combined is over $500.00

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