Can You Change Your Official Rules During a Text to Win?

In general, is not a good idea to change the rules for your text to win after it has started. However, there may be certain situations where a rule change might be possible or even necessary.

Here is how to approach a revision to the Official Rules after your text to win has begun.

Consider the Impact on Existing Entrants

If you’re trying to decide whether or not you should change the rules, you should first consider the impact the change might have on those who already entered your sweepstakes.

Here are the scenarios in which you should not change your Official Rules after your text to win has started:

  • You’ve already registered and bonded your text sweepstakes with the state. If you are required to do this or have done it in certain states like New York or Florida, changing the Official Rules is illegal.
  • An Official Rules change affects the odds of winning. If your proposed rule change will modify the odds of winning the text sweepstakes, you shouldn’t change them because you might  be sued by your entrants.
  • The change creates an unfair advantage for some entrants. Some entrants may be granted an unfair advantage in your text to win because the new entrants who enter after the rule change weren’t subject to the same rules. For example, changing the end date when the promotion will end soon gives an unfair advantage to new entrants.

Make an Announcement First Before the Official Rules Change Goes Into Effect

If you have decided that you absolutely must make a change to your Official Rules, because you need to change the end date of the promotion or due to an issue with a sponsor, make an announcement first.

The announcement of the revision to the Official Rules should also be clearly indicated in all advertising for the promotion. Make sure to let all entrants know the exact date when the change to the Official Rules goes into effect.

Be Prepared for Fallout

If you’re considering a rules change for your text to win, keep in mind that making changes can have major consequences on your promotion. You also won’t be able to control the negative feedback that you receive if entrants are not happy with your decision.

The best solution is to just make sure that you get your Official Rules right the first time and have a plan of action in place in the event that something unexpected happens.

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Raise the Dead With a Text Sweepstakes That Brings Out Lurkers

If you’re worried about the lower levels of engagement many brands are seeing online, don’t worry. We have a few tips on how to bring out the lurkers with your text sweepstakes. 

You might be surprised to hear that most of your audience online consists of lurkers.

While lurkers aren’t bad and could actually include some of your brand’s biggest fans, it can be disheartening to plan a campaign with the thought that it wouldn’t get much response. You’d be wrong though. Sweepstakes lure them out into the open with prizes, plus there are a few extra tactics to get their attention.

Here’s how to spark some interest from lurkers and get them to interact with your text sweepstakes.

What is a lurker?

A lurker is a person who follows your brand, but never participates or engages with your content. They simply “lurk” or observe instead.

Typically, a lurker may follow a text sweepstakes promotional page or enter the campaign, but chooses not to interact with any of your follow-up or social media messages.

The ratio of engaged participants versus lurkers varies by company and campaign, but it’s safe to assume as much as 90 to 95% of your audience is in lurk mode. After all, we’re in an “always connected” world, where competition for attention is high.

Why do they lurk and what can you do about it?

There are too many reasons to list why a person would choose to lurk, but there are a few you should know about. These are the top reasons discouraging lurkers from becoming active participants.

> They don’t know what they should do.

To make sure your text to win gets a high level of engagement, focus on having a strong call-to-action. Every post, ad, email or mention should give them clear instructions on the next step. (Ex: “Text WINE to 65047 for a chance to win a trip to wine country!”)

> They don’t feel a need to contribute or fear being put in the spotlight.

In order to get lurkers to participate, focus on sweepstakes rather than contests. The beauty of your text sweepstakes is that it takes anonymous entries, so entrants will not be called out in any way – unless they win. 😉

> They don’t have time to participate, but still want to win a prize.

You’ve likely seen (or even hosted) contests asking for photo or video entries, etc. Believe it or not, that’s too much work for many fans. Unlike contests, sweepstakes don’t require any work, especially a text sweepstakes. Let them know how easy it is to participate.

> They prefer other communication channels or different types of media.

While some people might enjoy texting, others prefer to share, like, and comment on social media. Additionally, some users might prefer video.

To attract those who prefer certain channels or types of media, promote your sweepstakes in different formats. Post a live stream or video on social media, send out visual graphics with your call-to-action and write posts as well. Cover your bases essentially. You could even send questions via text during the campaign.

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Make sure to share your content is spread across multiple platforms so that you can reach your audience in many different ways.

> They don’t feel a person connection.

Today there are more tools than ever to connect with your fans outside of sales transactions. But you might need help to make that final connection, especially if these fans are not yet customers. This is where influencers and brand advocates can step in. Highly engaged fans who are not lurkers (1% to 8% of your fans) can help spread the word. Recruit these brand advocates to help fuel participation in your sweeps.

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Target Sponsors & Promotional Partners for Your Text to Win

Tired of offering the same prizes for your text to wins? If your next sweepstakes could use a little extra oomph, try partnering with a prize sponsor.

It could boost your campaign and give your partner some exposure – a win-win for both of you. Here are some tips on finding the right partner for your upcoming sweepstakes.

Survey Your Audience for Promotional Partner Ideas

Before you reach out to potential partners, you need to figure out which sponsorships will appeal most to your audience. Start by running a survey to collect information about your target audience’s favorite brands. You can also get a sense of what they might like by asking about their shopping and spending habits.

Then use the information gathered from the survey in your pitch to potential sponsors. This will give you a more compelling argument as to why they should partner with your business for the promotion.

Plan Ahead With These Holiday Ideas

These are some key dates coming up that you can use to plan text to win campaigns. If you want to get started, it’s a good idea to reach out to sponsors early. Here are a few companies to focus on for relevant sponsorship opportunities.

Tax Day

Tax day traditionally falls on April 15th so you should plan to launch your promotion in March. If you want sponsors for your promotion try reaching out to a:

  • Local tax service
  • Bank or credit union
  • Auto dealership
  • Day spa
  • Travel agency

The best prizes are designed to reward people once tax season has ended with cash prizes that can be used at a local business.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is in May, so mid-April is the perfect time to start a promotion for this holiday. Partner with a business that spoil moms with a service or favorite product.

  • Jeweler
  • Florist
  • Candy store
  • Winery
  • Nail salon
  • Restaurant
  • Clothing store
  • Spa

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is when we remember the heroes who fought for our country.  It’s also become a time when families get together for outdoor activities. Launch your campaign in April for some traction and try partnering with companies such as these…

  • Grocery store
  • Car dealership
  • Outdoor gear store
  • Travel agency
  • Car rental company
  • Home improvement store

With the right prize sponsor or partner, you can greatly increase the success of your text to win.

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How to Get Prize Sponsors & Partners to Boost Success for Your Text to Win Sweepstakes

Celebrate Your Company Milestone With a Text to Win Sweepstakes

Congratulations, you’ve achieved a new milestone in your business! Naturally, you’ll want to share the excitement with your customers. Using a text to win sweepstakes to celebrate your company milestone is a great way to increase brand awareness and show your customers how much you value their support.

So which company milestones work best with a text to win? Here are 4 scenarios to consider.

1. Company or Product Anniversary

The anniversary of the day your company or product launched is always an exciting day. In fact, you may be surprised to learn just how many of your fans have been there with you from day one. That’s why the anniversary of the founding of your company or the launch of your product makes for a perfect opportunity to run a text to win.

To make things even more exciting, consider making your sweepstakes bigger and better on each subsequent anniversary. You can give away expensive prizes on special anniversaries, such as the tenth or twenty-fifth anniversary for your company.

If you would prefer to celebrate every year, you might want to try giving away similar prizes so that you give your fans another opportunity to win if they didn’t win last year.

2. Launch of Your Startup

If your company has just launched, a text to win can help you build up a following for your brand online. Your sweepstakes can attract new followers and connections, allowing you to more easily build a customer list.

Make sure that you also invite your text to win entrants to receive newsletters and other promotional offers during the entry process.

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3. New Product or Service Release

Running a text to win at the same time as the release of a new product or service will give it greater exposure. The text to win sweepstakes will get people talking about your brand and will also help them  associate your brand with the new offering.

4. Change to Your Brand Image or Offering

If you’ve made updates to your logo, brand identity or to your platform /service, this is another perfect opportunity to run a text to win. It’ll boost awareness about the change with existing customers, while also catching the attention of new customers who might have not considered you before.

As a bonus, you can also use the text to win as an opportunity to get feedback from your customers about the changes you’ve made.

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How to Celebrate Your Company Milestone with a Text to Win Sweepstakes

Graphics Tips (and Designs) to Promote Your Text to Win Sweepstakes

Text Sweepstakes Graphics by Sweeppea

Do you know how to create engaging branded graphics to promote your text to win sweepstakes on social media? Follow these tips to design graphics that will attract entrants to your text to win promotion.

Be Bold

You only have a few seconds to catch the attention of your followers. As a result, you need to make your graphical content as interesting and unique as possible. Design your text to win promotional graphics with bold colors and fonts that are likely to stand out from other images in your followers’ feeds.

Maintain Brand Image Consistency

Although you probably have some new and exciting ideas that you would like to employ for your promotion, make sure to always use graphics that are consistent with your brand image.

You can create graphics that push the limit somewhat to help you attract people to your promotion, but they shouldn’t clash with the look and feel of your brand and its online properties.

Hippeas snack brand uses text to win

Always Include a Call to Action

Every graphic that you create for your promotion should have a call to action. This ensures that even if users copy and paste your graphics onto other websites or send them via text or email, others will know what the graphic is about and can follow through on that call to action.

Optimize for All Devices

Graphics need to be optimized so that they can be viewed on any device from desktop to tablets and smartphones. Use compressed images so that they load quickly even if the user doesn’t have the latest device or a high-speed internet connect.

Images that you use to promote your text to win sweepstakes on social media should always use the specific measurements recommended for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other sites.

If it’s a major ongoing text to win for your company, you may want to even consider making additional graphics for your promotion to temporarily serve as your main profile images on each of the social media sites where you have a presence.

Balance Text with Visual Elements

A well-designed promotional graphic should be able to get the message across without a ton of text. Although text sweepstakes and promotions should include some disclaimers, you can do this in a way where the text doesn’t overpower the graphic. In some cases, details can be shared on the entry page, in the caption of your social media post or after visitors enter your promotion.

At minimum, you’ll want to include the name of the promotion, a call to action and the Sweepkey visitors need to enter.

Use Our Templates to Make Your Own

We put all of these tips to work for you a created a few templates you can customize. These templates are available on Canva, a free graphics editing program online.

  1. First, open a free account on Canva.
  2. Then click the link or graphic below to access our Text Sweepstakes Graphics on Canva.

Text Sweepstakes Graphics by Sweeppea

Here are just a few of the designs included…

Text to Win Graphic Design Idea

Text to Win Graphic Design Idea


Text to Win Graphic Design Idea

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