What’s the Outlook for Sweepstakes in 2019?

Is sweepstakes marketing slowing down in 2019? Nope. Thanks to the rise of social media and text to win, there has been an explosion in the use of sweepstakes marketing in recent years. And we expect it to continue in 2019.

When you compare the marketing methods companies use, sweepstakes are still up there and still a viable way to engage consumers and build brand awareness. With a sweepstakes, there is no requirement to purchase and the campaign is easy to promote, both online and off.

Social media and SMS text have made it easier than ever to run a sweepstakes, so if it seems like almost every company is doing it, you’re not wrong. It used to be a tactic for only large brands that could afford to give away large prizes. That’s no longer the case. 

So are consumers getting over-saturated with sweepstakes?

Absolutely, not. While there is more competition for attention, brands are still using it as a valuable tool and consumers are still happy to enter. Also, with each sweeps targeting a specific audience, consumers are only likely to see campaigns in their market or for brands they’re following. 

Sweepstakes are still a popular and a valuable tactic that will continue to be used by many brands in 2019 and beyond. However, creativity is key if a company wants to stand out.

Consider these strategies to benefit your brand in a unique way:

Reposition Your Brand With Customers

A sweepstakes offers an opportunity for you to get customers to think differently about your brand. After updating your brand, running a text to win can get new customers interested in your brand who might have never considered your product or service previously.

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Turn Your Sweepstakes into a Loyalty Program

With sweepstakes that offer small prizes, you can run the sweepstakes on a regularly basis which essentially creates a loyalty program for your business. By giving your entrants more opportunities to win, you can identify customers who are the most loyal to your brand.

Use it as a lead-in to your loyalty email list or loyalty app and continue the conversation there. 

Tie Your Story to Your Sweepstakes

Don’t just let customers know about your prize. Create a story that shows how the prize correlates with your brand.

For example, if your company sells rum, you could offer a trip to the city/country where the rum is made, along with a tour of the distillery. Or if your brand supports a cause or sport, perhaps tickets to a related event. This will help your customers to become more engaged with your brand and the promotion.

With a little effort, you can create a sweepstakes that adds value to your brand. 

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When to Go Big or Stay Small With Sweepstakes Prizes

There’s been a lot of discussion about which option brings in more customers: smaller sweepstakes prizes, such as movie tickets, or larger sweepstakes prizes, such as a dream vacation to a tropical island. While the choice of prizes largely depends on the brand, there may be benefits to using both types of prizes.

Here is how to decide when to go big or stay small with sweepstakes prizes.

Large Sweepstakes Prizes Drive Brand Awareness and Sales

A large prize offers many benefits for a brand. When the text to win is advertised in a retail location, the promotion can help the brand stand out from the competition.

With a chance to win a huge prize, of $1 million for instance, chances are you’ll see an increase in sales and customers purchase your product simply to learn more about your brand with the ultimate goal of being selected as a winner of the sweepstakes.

Honda Dealers of New England used a text sweepstakes to attract thousands of entrants by offering a chance to win a new car. The company managed to generate sales leads for their dealerships by running a text to win during professional hockey and football games.

Smaller Sweepstakes Prizes Provide an Ongoing Source of Leads for Your Business

While big prizes certainly attract a lot of attention, there is also a case for offering smaller sweepstakes prizes.

Firstly, smaller prizes are less expensive and can be awarded to more winners. Smaller prizes also allow your brand to run the text to win promotion more frequently, ensuring a steady source of new leads and customers.

Giving away many small prizes also gives people the feeling they can actually win. This will bring out even the most skeptical participants who are now more likely to enter. They’re also more likely to re-enter your future promotions, even if they don’t win the first time, because it’ll seem as if the odds are in their favor with smaller, more frequent prizes. 

Ultimately, the decision to offer large or small sweepstakes prizes should be driven by the sales needs of your business. Think of large prizes as a way to make a big splash, while smaller prizes help keep the momentum going for your brand.

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How to Use Text SMS Sweepstakes for Event Marketing

Text SMS sweepstakes are very effective for event marketing since they can be used to create excitement both before and during an event. This creates a double win for you as you build awareness and grow your customer list for future promotions at the same time.

Check out these tips on how to use text SMS sweepstakes effectively for event marketing.

Before an Event

Country music singer and songwriter Brad Paisley and his “Weekend Warrior” tour forged a partnership with WUSA 9 TV station and launched a text to win in order promote the tour. Fans were offered the chance to win tickets via text.

This is a great example of using text to raise excitement and awareness about a tour or event. The text to win promotion brought in hundreds of entries at a time. This list of entries can later be used to re-market tour sponsors’ offers via text message and email (with user opt-in or permission).

Such a sweepstakes is also a great way to remind your audience about recurring events. The Citi Open, a professional tennis tournament, recently used Sweeppea’s platform to run a sweepstakes offering tickets to the event as a prize.

The promotion served as a way to remind fans about this upcoming annual event and inform their audience about unique features of the current year’s event. This promotion resulted in hundreds of participants and new email leads.

During an Event

Hosting a text to win during your event is a great way to add to the excitement and get a list of leads for future promotions.

Honda Dealers of New England recently used this strategy with a text SMS sweepstakes that offered a chance to win a new car. This promotion was done during hockey and football games as a way to connect with Millennial sports fans.

By posting stadium signage and using brand ambassadors to actively engage with fans, Honda Dealers of New England managed to generate more than 1,000 sales leads.

This can also be done prior to an event if finding pre-qualified leads is your goal. When Ron Howard and Associates sponsored the Canton Waterfront Park Summer Concert Series, the company included a web form after the participant entered to ask if they were planning to buy or sell a home within the next 2 months.

Getting Started With Text SMS Sweepstakes for Event Marketing

Text SMS sweepstakes for event marketing are worth testing since they don’t require much effort to manage or a large upfront investment to get started.

As you plan your own sweepstakes, keep in mind you should always match your sweepstakes prizes to your promotion goals, brand, and target audience. Define your official rules, promote your text sweepstakes heavily and track your results.

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Integrating Online & Offline Marketing with Your Text Sweepstakes

Are you making the most of your marketing efforts for your text sweepstakes? If you want to maximize your ROI, consider integrating your online and offline marketing.

Despite the growth of online marketing, offline marketing continues to account for a major portion of the annual marketing budgets of U.S. businesses. According an eMarketer report, American retailers spent roughly 80% of their marketing budgets on offline campaigns in 2016.

This is not surprising given that consumers still spend a lot of time offline. While online marketing is often praised over offline marketing because it’s easier to achieve precise ROI measurement and targeting, the opportunities for offline marketing still deliver substantial results.

The best solution is for businesses to integrate their online promotions with their offline marketing to maximize ROI. Here are the benefits of integrating online and offline marketing for your text sweepstakes and how to do it effectively.

Expand Your Market Reach

When you combine offline and online marketing, you can expand your market reach. While the competition focuses on digital marketing, you’ll benefit from the best that both spaces have to offer to increase the visibility of your brand.

To further those benefits, make sure that your online and offline promotional efforts have the same look and feel when it comes to design and messaging.

Web Forms Help Your Campaign Work in Both Spaces

Including a web entry form in your text sweepstakes is a great way to bridge the gap between the offline and online world.

For example, if a consumer sees your promotion in-store and enters by text, they can complete their entry on your web form and end up on a ‘thank you’ page on your company’s website with a discount code that can be used online or in-store.

Tracking and Measurement

Web entry forms will allow you to track entries and data in your text sweepstakes. With link tracking, you’ll also be able to track conversions from offline marketing so that you’ll have the campaign insights that make online marketing so effective. You can assign unique tracking links and to quantify how customers respond to your campaigns.

Offline tactics like print ads, direct mail, TV/radio ads and even in-store signage or packaging inserts can all direct consumers to enter by text, then gather more data online.

Shopping in brick and mortar stores isn’t going anywhere, which is why offline marketing continues to grow despite the popularity of online promotion. Now is the time to take advantage of both strategies for better results.

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Why We’re the #1 Provider of Text to Wins for Breweries

Sycamore Brewing, text to win, beer brewery text to win
Image © Sycamore Brewing

Breweries often go the extra mile to reach their loyal fans. They also use unique promotions to get the word out and connect with new customers. That’s where we come in…

Although there are many options when it comes to SMS marketing and text to wins, none come close to the comprehensive solutions we offer to brewery customers.

Here’s how Sweeppea is going above and beyond to deliver great results for America’s top breweries.

5 Reasons Why Breweries Love Sweeppea

1. Ease of Use

Sweeppea’s all-in-one solution makes it super easy to set up and run a text to win promotion. We can also take care of all of legal compliance concerns that can make running an alcohol text sweepstakes complicated.

2. Increased Brand Awareness

Breweries are always on the lookout for ways to get the word out about their brands. With a text to win, breweries benefit from an incentivized promotion that adds excitement for consumers.

3. Distributors Recommend Us

Distributors recommend that breweries run text to win promotions with Sweeppea, because text sweepstakes help distributors sell more cases.

4. Easy for Customers to Enter From Anywhere

A text to win is super easy for customers to enter, whether they are at home or in a retail or bar/restaurant location, which means more entries.

5. Cost-effective

With a text to win, breweries only pay for the days their sweeps run, so there’s no wasted advertising spend.

Sweeppea Works With America’s Top Breweries

Deschutes Brewery, text to win, beer brewery text to win
Image © Deschutes Brewery

With tangible results delivered for America’s most popular craft and beer brands, we’re rapidly expanding our customer list.

Here are just a few of the beer brands and breweries that have used Sweeppea:

  • Budweiser
  • Bud Light
  • Backcountry Brewery
  • Brooklyn Brewery
  • Ace Cider
  • Coors Brewing Company
  • Deschutes Brewery
  • West Sixth Brewing
  • Founder Brewing
  • Grand Teton Brewing
  • Summit Brewing
  • Sycamore Brewing
  • Sufferfest Beer Company
  • Old Bust Head Brewing Company
  • Upslope Brewing Company
  • D. G. Yuengling & Son

We Have More to Share Than Just Software

At Sweeppea, we’re much more than a text to win sweepstakes platform.

Thanks to our extensive experience with breweries and alcohol brands, we understand the nuances of running a successful promotion for a beer, wine or spirits company.

With full service, we draft official rules, help navigate registration and bonding in states where they’re required, complying with text messaging laws, and ensuring compliance for alcohol brands overall.

Sweeppea has proven itself as an effective solution for breweries, which is why we’re the #1 provider of text to win sweepstakes for breweries!

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