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Tips for Success on Your First Text to Win

Are you thinking of running a business text to win for the first time? Here are some tips for success on your first text to win.

Set Your Goals

Start with clear and realistic goals for your campaign. This step will help you figure out the resources you’ll need to implement it and to successfully achieve your goals.

Potential goals include:

  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Increase visitors to your brick and mortar store or website
  • Boost sales for a new product or brand
  • Generate brand loyalty by enticing existing customers with awesome prizes

Plan the Process & Set it Up

To ensure it works out as planned, plan the logistics of how your campaign will run. After you select your custom Sweepkey (the word users will text to enter the sweep), choose start/end dates for the campaign and set up your confirmation text message and web entry form (if needed).

Rules are a must, so it’s important to include rules. You can use sweeppea’s  Official Rules Wizard to create your rules or upload your own. You’ll also need to decide on manual winner drawing or sweeppea can automatically draw a winner.

Set a Promotional Budget

To boost the success of your campaign, you need to promote it on every available channel. Figure out how much of a budget you can devote to it and allocate funds to each promotional channel accordingly. Our clients have used everything from radio and TV commercials to printed signs in stores and social media posts and online ads. You can promote your call-to-action (ex. Text SWEEPKEY to 65047 for a chance to win.) anywhere.

Test & Launch the Sweepstakes

You’ve completed the planning phase. Now it’s time to test your campaign. Ask a few colleagues to enter and check to make sure your auto confirmation message and any links (if you have a web form) were entered correctly. Then check the launch date and make sure your promotions start driving people to the campaign on launch day.   

Announce the Winner

Once your sweepstakes has ended and the winner has been confirmed, announce the winner to all entrants via your blog and social networks. Don’t miss this opportunity for another promotional message! You can remind fans of the next opportunity to win or even offer a “thank you for entering” in the form of a discount or offer. 

Wrap It Up & Assess Results

Now that your text to win has completed, you should review results. Did you meet your goals for the campaign? What ROI did it deliver? Is there room for improvement? Review metrics in our Reports and Analytics and combine them with your internal numbers to see how your campaign performed.

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