Want Happy Customers? Here’s Why You Should Run a Text to Win Sweepstakes

Every business wants happy customers. But how many businesses can say their customers are truly excited about their promotions? As marketers, we have that unique ability with sweepstakes. So, if you want your customers to feel like they’re on cloud nine when they think about your business, you should run a text to win sweepstakes.

Here are 4 ways a text to win makes customers happy.

1. I Won!

Everyone loves to win. It’s even better when they have your business to thank for awarding them a big prize. If you want your customers to get excited about your business, giving away awesome prizes as  part of a sweepstakes is sure to attract plenty of attention.

A sweepstakes gives you a chance to give back and helps to show your appreciation for the customers who keep you in business.

2. Come Join Us!

No other promotion says “come join us” like a free giveaway to potential customers. Running a text to win sweepstakes is not only an opportunity to engage your existing customers, you can also use it to attract new customers to your business. By advertising your text to win, you can ensure the first interaction customers have with your business is a positive one.

Who can resist getting excited when they get a free prize? Once you have their attention and have made them happy, they’ll be more open to seeing what else your business has to offer.

3. That’s Just What I Wanted!

A sweepstakes is also a great opportunity to connect with your customers. After the sweepstakes ends, you can follow up with those who expressed interest. You can also get information or ask questions to find out their likes and dislikes. This will help you offer promotions that are tailored to their interests, and more.

By engaging with your customers after the promotion, you can create a more personalized customer experience that will better meet their needs in the future.

4. Let’s Connect

No customer wants to do business with a company that treats them like they’re a walking dollar sign. A text to win can open communications in a way that goes beyond the sale. While the’re entering your sweepstakes, you can speak with them about it and connect with them on social media, in store, by email and online. It can help humanize your brand.

While prize winners will be beaming with happiness, your other customers will also be happy to know they are in the hands of a brand that shows their customers matter.

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Marketing Lessons Learned from a Superhero

We’ve been fortunate to get a closeup view of the promotion for a blockbuster superhero movie, as Sweeppea ran the text sweepstakes.

After watching the success of the promotion, and seeing the movie itself, we realized there were good marketing leadership lessons. Here are a few…

Consistency brings rewards.

When our superhero’s mother  decides to return to Atlantis to protect the family, his father vows to visit the pier each day at sunrise to await her return from the sea. After many years, his discipline is rewarded when she returns to him.

Whether you’ve been in business for 20 years or only 2, marketing consistency and discipline should remain just as constant throughout. All marketing efforts should convey the same core values, the same branding, and the same commitment to serving your customers.

Fulfill your goal or complete the quest to achieve success.

To gain the respect of his people and to ascend the throne, our hero had to find and wield the sacred Trident of Atlan. This was a long journey, with many challenges along the way, before reaching success.

In the same way, your company must fulfill its own quest. This means all campaigns, even sweepstakes promotions, should have individual goals that work towards reaching the overall goal for your business. Only then can you see (and measure) success.

Go beyond personal (or business) gains. Make it a win for all, including customers.

Our hero is ultimately the one true king of Atlantis because of his courage and readiness to protect the people of both land and sea.

Similarly, your marketing efforts can’t be solely self-serving. Part of your business’s mission is to serve and provide for its customers and, more broadly, the community in which it operates. Be transparent about the fact that you have more than your own interests in mind.

These lessons are a good reminder of the values deemed important, both in business and in life.

Promote Your Text to Win on Instagram for a Bigger Win

If you’re looking for a social platform to promote your text to win, consider Instagram first. In the past few years, Instagram has grown in popularity given that it’s primarily used posting photos and videos.

On the other hand, Facebook has declined in popularity compared to Instagram because it’s too complicated to use and younger users don’t want their content to be seen by parents.

While you might’ve considered Facebook as the primary social network for promoting your text to win, you can actually get better results with Instagram. Here are 5 reasons why Instagram is the best place to promote your text to win.

1. Instagram Is a Mobile-First Platform

As a result of Instagram being a mobile-only platform in its early days, it’s no surprise that Instagram continues to deliver a higher quality mobile experience than Facebook. Given that 80 percent of social media content is consumed via mobile devices, Instagram gives you a significant advantage in promoting you text to win as compared to other social platforms like Facebook.

2. Instagram Is Growing in Popularity Among Gen Z and Millennials

The Infinite Dial study from Edison found that Facebook usage declined sharply among younger Millennials and Gen Z users as Instagram and Snapchat usage increased between 2017 and 2018. As of 2018, 22% of social media users between ages 12-34 were reported to use Instagram the most out of all social networks.

3. Instagram’s Stories Feature Is #1

When Instagram decided to implement the “stories” feature, it quickly took off and became much more popular than Snapchat’s version. Instagram’s version is also much more popular than Facebook Stories given that the integration between Facebook News Feed and Facebook Stories isn’t as well-developed.

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4. Instagram Is Brand-Friendly

As Facebook’s display algorithm for its News Feed has evolved, it’s now nearly impossible for businesses to achieve organic reach on the platform. In contrast, Instagram has been a lot more friendly to brands overall whereas Facebook prefers that brands only use Facebook Ads. Users are also much more willing to engage with branded and sponsored content on Instagram than they are on Facebook.

Here is an example of a branded Instagram post that our client HIPPEAS used with their Summer of Love text to win:

Hippeas snack brand uses text to win

5. Content Discovery Is Easy on Instagram

Instagram users rely on hashtags on the platform, which has made it easier for users to discover content that they like. The platform also offers an Explore tab which categories photos and videos into different topics.

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4 Ways to Boost Your Text to Win Sweepstakes Marketing

Many marketers think of text sweepstakes as short-term, one-time interactions between brands and consumers. However, you can get much more value from sweepstakes marketing if you look out additional marketing opportunities every time you create a new text to win promotion.

Here are four ideas to help you turn text to win campaigns into ongoing marketing tools that work hard to increase the profile of your brand.

1. Position Your Sweepstakes As Loyalty Rewards

Are your customers enrolled in a loyalty program with your brand? Some probably are while others aren’t. However, it’s not enough to simply create a loyalty rewards program. You have to keep your audience engaged. By positioning your sweepstakes as one of the perks of being an exclusive member of your loyalty rewards program, you can boost your brand whenever you run a text sweepstakes.

In addition to the rewards that customers ordinarily gain from a loyalty program, a text to win drives excitement for your brand. A sweepstakes will also attract new members to your loyalty program.

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2. Use Your Text Sweepstakes to Introduce Consumers to New Marketing Channels

You’ve managed to get entrants to sign up for your text sweepstakes. Now you need to make the most of it. Encourage your entrants to follow you on social media. You can also use your follow-up text messages to promote offline marketing initiatives.

Use your text sweepstakes to get customers to join you on all of the marketing channels where you haven’t yet connected with them.

3. Learn Your Audience’s Demographics and Behaviors

Every text to win campaign that you run has different target markets and goals. As a result, you should use the collective data to gather more insights into your audience’s demographics and behaviors.

Find out their preferences and how they like to interact with your brand. This will allow you to move away from one-size-fits-all giveaways and instead create customized text sweepstakes based on your audience’s preferences.

4. Run Equally Exciting Text to Win Campaigns Regularly

Many brands tend to go with large prizes in order to stand out among the competition. However, when it comes to text sweepstakes, the frequency of your campaigns matter most. Instead of a yearly sweepstakes with a large, grand prize, consider doing multiple sweepstakes with smaller prizes throughout the year.

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Frequent sweepstakes campaigns give you more opportunities to build your relationship with your audience. Use them to educate and gather data about your sweepstake audience and existing customers.

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Does Your Text Sweepstakes Pass the Mom Test?

Have you given your text sweepstakes the “Mom Test?” If not, this simply means you should think about how your mom might react when you talk to her about your text to win campaign.

If she’s excited and ready to sign up, then you’ve passed. But if she’s confused and doesn’t really understand what you’re saying, then maybe it’s time to rethink some things.

Why does this matter?

Think of moms as the average consumer. If your mom gets it, your audience will too. Here are three features every text sweepstakes should have to ensure it passes the “Mom Test.”

Easy to Understand

What are you giving away and why are you doing it? Big prizes are meaningless unless consumers can see the benefits. Make sure your audience can see the clear connection between your text to win promotion and your brand.

If you’ve gotten it right, when you describe your sweepstakes, mom will say, “Wow, that sounds exciting. How can I enter your text sweepstakes?”


Do your prizes actually appeal to your audience? Will you be able to attract paying customers for your company from your follow-up marketing messages?

Your text sweepstakes needs to create a desire in your audience that will drive them to enter. In the same way that moms are often on the lookout for good deals, your text to win should immediately stand out as a promotion your audience will want.

On the flip side, you don’t a free prize to be their only motivation. Your prizes should also be relevant to your brand so that entrants want to know more about or feel like it’s a good opportunity to try it.

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Moms may or may not be tech savvy, but they often get into text messaging because of their kids. In this way, text sweepstakes appeal to moms because they’re easier to enter than social media and mail-in sweepstakes.

As you design your creatives for your text to win campaign, make sure  you emphasize how easy it is to enter. In the same way you might explain a complicated tech concept to your mom, break down the steps to entering so that entrants can sign up as quickly as possible.

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