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4 Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Text to Win

Make sure that you aren’t making these mistakes that will hurt your text to win! If you want great results from your text to win, here are 4 mistakes you should avoid.

1. Meager Marketing

Don’t want to invest in marketing for your text to win? Then you can expect poor results for your campaign. Worse, the majority of text to win campaigns that aren’t sufficiently promoted tend to wind up only having professional sweepers enter them.

If you want people who are actually interested in your brand to enter, you need to promote your text to win using social media, print advertisements, and other relevant media channels.

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2. The Wrong Prize

There are a few reasons why you should choose your prize carefully. First, interest in winning a prize is the main motivation for entrants. If your sweepstakes doesn’t have a cool prize, then you probably won’t get the response you were hoping for.

Secondly, the wrong prize can attract the wrong audience. You don’t want people who aren’t interested in your brand or products to flock to enter because you’re giving away an iPad or tech prize. That’s why you should always select a prize that complements your brand.

3. No Official Rules

Not having official rules can land you in hot water. The rules are meant to protect you and entrants. In return for their entry, you’re promising to award prizes. Remember the rules are a contract between you, the Sponsor, and the participants.

4. No Follow Up

It’s fun to give away awesome prizes, but that isn’t the main purpose of running a text to win. You should be using it to build and promote your brand. Part of that includes following up. If you aren’t following up with entrants after the campaign is over, you’ll be missing out on a powerful source of future leads and sales for your business.

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