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11 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Text-to-Win Software Platform

Planning to run a text-to-win sweepstakes? Here are 11 questions to ask before using a text-to-win software platform.

1. Can you create your own entry page and can you brand it?

Not all text-to-win sweepstakes are text-based only. Adding an online entry form allows you to collect additional information like name, email, zip code, date-of-birth, address, etc. You should be able to customize and brand this form as well.

2. Can you customize the message recipients receive for confirming their entry?

After entering by text, everyone gets a confirmation message, which should be a custom message. If you’re told to use a default message or to include the platform’s name/branding, move on.

3. Can you do Instant Win?

Instant win is increasingly popular and should be an option. Our platform allows you to schedule the choosing of a random instant winner for every x number of participants or a single instant winner at a certain date/time.

4. Does the platform help you select a winner automatically?

The answer here should be “Yes!” With one setting, you can have the platform randomly pick a winner at a certain time and send a “you’ve won” text. You can select winners either manually or automatically with our software. Here are a few reasons why you might want to opt for automatic winner selection versus manual selection.

5. How does it handle winner notifications?

Your program should help notify the winner by text, automatically or manually. Sweeppea also offers a custom plan, which includes all of the tax forms, liability releases and affidavits required for sweepstakes winners. Contact us for more information.

6. Can you schedule your campaign to begin/end automatically?

There’s no need to wait ’til midnight to start/stop a campaign manually when our text-to-win platform can schedule it automatically. Once the end date and time passes, all post-end participants receive a message stating the sweeps has ended. 

7. Does the platform help with Official Rules?

This is one area where you’re often on your own. But not with us. We’re one of the only platforms to offer an Official Rules Wizard to help you create and host rules for your campaign. No sweepstakes should proceed without official rules in place. We can also arrange custom rules with sweepstakes administration and indemnification, if preferred, in our custom plan. 

8. Does it guide you in the legal aspects of texting?

While the legalities of running a sweepstakes are very important, their are legal rules for text messaging as well. Reputable platforms like ours will guide you on the notifications that are needed when running a text-to-win. For an overview, see our post on the legal rules of text message marketing.  

9. Does it handle registration and bonding?

Florida, New York and Rhode Island require bonding and registration for certain sweepstakes. If this is required for your campaign, consider our custom plan where we take care of it for you.

10. Is reporting available?

Everyone wants to see metrics, even for text-to-wins. You’ll find performance insights and reporting in our campaign reports.

11. What kind of help is available for setup and support?

What good is support when you have to wait 24 hours for a return email or phone call? When you work with us, we provide all of the setup and support you need. We offer one-on-one training and setup by phone or email. Our support team is also available by phone or email at any time.

These are basic answers you should have before working with any sweepstakes company, especially a text-to-win software platform. If you have other questions, contact us. We’d be happy to help. 

To get started with your own text-to-win, see our features and pricing.