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How to Run a Weekly or Monthly Text Sweepstakes

Your text sweepstakes doesn’t have to be a one-time campaign. In fact, running it weekly or monthly can keep up the excitement and momentum longer.

Follow these guidelines for maximum results…

Draw Winners Consistently & Automatically

It’s important to set up your text sweepstakes so a random winner is drawn at the right time. Also, by announcing winners weekly or monthly, you’ll keep your fans’ attention as high as possible. Don’t forget to follow up with the winners to send prizes as well. 

Don’t worry about digging through all of the entries to select winner(s). Sweeppea has a built-in random winner picker that can be scheduled to handle that for you.

Keep Up Your Promotions

Keep marketing the sweep weekly so that the number of entries don’t drop off. Schedule social media posts, print advertisements and other promotions on an ongoing basis. Announcing the winners publicly and on social media will help promote it and drive more signups as well.

Keep Interest High on the Prize 

You don’t want to run the same campaign for a year and have fans start tuning you out. Choose a prize that will keep their attention (free product for a year, for example) or change the prize once in a while to keep subscribers interested over the long term. If you do change the prize, make it a highly desired prize and be sure it include it in your official rules.

Update Your Official Rules

If your text sweepstakes is recurring, your rules needs to be adjusted to include this fact. Make sure your official rules reflect the weekly or monthly aspect. Also, your total prize value for the entire campaign (whether it’s 12 months or 4 weeks) shouldn’t go over $5,000 or you’ll have to register and bond the sweep in New York and Florida as required by law.

Be Consistent

Above all, the most important thing is to manage the winner drawing consistently. When your subscribers expect to hear from you at a certain time each week or each month, don’t let them down by being late. A loyal group of subscribers is more likely to share your text sweepstakes with their friends and participate regularly.

Setting up a weekly or monthly text sweepstakes is easy with Sweeppea! To get started now, see features and pricing.