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How Text-To-Win Turns Any Event Into an “Oprah Moment”

Did you ever notice how Oprah’s giveaways always seemed to excite her audiences with sheer joy?

You may have assumed that this was simply because the audience was being prompted to cheer. However, you’ve probably also overheard people who never went to a taping of her show gush about how awesome and exciting her giveaways were on “Oprah’s Favorite Things.”

Fortunately, there is now a way for you to create the same effect for your business. The answer is text-to-win. If you want to create an instant giveaway that makes the crowd jump for joy at your company’s next event, then hosting a text-to-win during the event is the way to go. In fact, this is how Blue Martini uses text-to-win.

Here is how text-to-win turns any event into an “Oprah Moment.”

Everybody Wins

No one likes to be a loser! With text-to-win, everybody wins. Offering prizes to multiple winners will make your audience feel the excitement while attending your event. Even those who didn’t win big prizes can get texts with smaller prizes. Best of all, you can present the prizes live at the event. If you want to skyrocket the number of selfies taken at your event, this is how you do it!

Look What I Won!

Although “Oprah’s Favorite Things” could be considered product placement, these segments were exponentially more effective in getting her more attention. This is because the segments appealed to the everyone’s inner voice, telling them: Treat yourself! You deserve it!

Since your audience will have nothing to lose by entering your text-to-win instant giveaway, you’ll appeal to their inner selves and they’ll be happy to brag to others about what they won while promoting your company in the process.

Deliver Instant Gratification

Millennials’ demand for instant gratification is shaping the future of marketing. What better way to tap into this primal urge than with prizes they can win immediately?

Most people already feel like they don’t have enough free time. By delivering something that they want right away AND for free, you’ll give them the dose of instant gratification they crave!

Instant giveaways make all events more fun! Wow your guests at your company’s next event with a text-to-win instant giveaway. Reserve Your Sweepkey now to get started with your campaign in under 10 minutes.