Case Study: WUSA 9 Text To Win a Trip to Seven Springs Mountain Resort Sweepstakes

Text _To _Win_Ski_Resort-Sweeppea

WUSA 9, a CBS-affiliated television station in Washington, D.C. partnered with Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Seven Springs, PA to start promoting their winter ski resorts offers. WUSA9’s marketing team used the Sweeppea self-service Text to Win sweepstakes management platform to create and manage this promotion.

In TV ads, participants were shown the amenities of the Seven Springs Mountain Resort and offered a chance to to win a skiing vacation by texting the word SKITRIP to the number 65047.

Seven Springs Mountain Resort Text to Win Sweepstakes summary:


  1. To generate awareness for the property
  2. To make it as easy and fast as possible to enter the sweepstakes
  3. To generate a list of leads for sales follow up

 Entry Page for Lead Generation:

Text _To _WIn _Lead_Generation_Resort_Entry_Page


  • Hundreds of participants entered.
  • The resort received brand awareness at a time when the target audience is planning their winter vacations.
  • Generated a list of prospective customers for sales follow up via call, email and text message.

Prize: One (1) Winner will each received a package of two (2) nights’ lodging and lift tickets for two (2) consecutive days at Seven Springs Mountain Resort located. Average value of package is $1000.

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Why Alcohol Brands Must Take Care With Their Sweepstakes Prizes

As an alcohol brand, you are already well aware of the fact that there are a ton of regulations when it comes to the sale of your products. However, what are the rules when it comes to alcohol sweepstakes prizes?

Before you launch your next text to win, you’ll need to do a lot of research and preparation to ensure that your wine, beer, or spirits brand is in compliance with the law. Here is why alcohol brands must take care with their sweepstakes prizes.

Don’t Give Away Alcohol As a Prize

Every state has strict regulations when it comes to sweepstakes and alcohol brands. While it’s well-known that there are age limitations on using alcohol, as a sweepstakes prize, no state allows you to use alcohol as the sweepstakes prize being awarded.

You Can’t Require The Purchase of Alcohol for Entry

As with any other text to win, you can’t require a purchase in order to enter your sweepstakes. As a result, your entrants must be given an alternative method of entry (AMOE) that will allow them to enter the sweepstakes without making a purchase. We recommend using a web entry form as the AMOE.

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Make Sure That Winners Are 21+

While your official rules specify that entrants need to be 21+ in order to enter your sweepstakes, there is no way to prove the actual ages of the entrants are since they only self-report their ages by entering a date of birth.

However, once you select the winners for your sweepstakes, all winners must be verified and show proof of age with a state ID or valid driver’s license.

Winners Must Be 21+ to Enter Events Where Alcohol Is Served

In addition to verifying that the actual winners of the sweepstakes are 21+, you must also make sure that any winners and their guests that attend events where alcohol is served are of age.

Again, requiring the necessary proof of age identification for entry is the only way to comply with the law.

Check State and Local Alcohol Laws

In addition to the general regulations outlined here that apply to all states, some of the following states have special laws regarding alcohol: Alabama, California, Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, West Virginia, and Utah.

To ensure compliance for your sweepstakes, make sure to thoroughly review all state and local laws when it comes to sweepstakes and alcohol brands.

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Text Only? Text with Web Form? Different Types of Text to Win Sweepstakes

We were in the store the other day and spotted a text to win from another company.

After texting to enter and try it out, we realized it’s a perfect example of why a “text only” sweepstakes isn’t always best….

The issue was that the sweepstakes started to ask us additional questions via text message before completing the sign up, such as date of birth and email address.

The end result? It took almost 2 minutes to enter the sweeps!

You’ve probably encountered instances while shopping at a store where your mobile signal is weak, or even non-existent. You then had to wait until you left the store to see the text messages and calls that you missed while you were shopping.

Image if the participant is carrying a basket, a child or pushing a cart and you’re asking them to continually check their texts to answer more entry questions.

The point is… that people may not have the chance to really engage with your sweepstakes beyond sending a single text to enter.

They’re also going to be extremely turned off by the fact that you’re asking them demographics questions that make the entry process long and tedious.

As a result, if you want to collect other info besides a mobile phone number, it’s best to use text with a web entry form.

Here’s why text to an Entry Page is better:


Sweeppea offers an Entry Page to showcase your brand, capture participants’ data, perform age-verification and deliver all of the legal disclaimers necessary to stay in compliance with US sweepstakes laws.

We further strengthen that branding by taking participants to the Thank You Page. This not only confirms their entry, it’s also used to further showcase the products and provide more information from the brand, such as offers, social follows or additional bonus entries.

It would be highly inefficient to brand via flat text messages.

Legal Compliance

When you use a web entry form for your text sweepstakes, all of the required compliance elements (links to: Privacy Policy. Terms of Use. Official Rules, legal disclaimers and Age Gate) are neatly organized in the Entry Page.

Via flat text messages you would need to send multiple back-and-forth texts to be able to communicate what is required by law for each participant. This would entail multiple text messages to complete one entry–adding burden and lowering the participation rates.

All-in-one Solution

Sweeppea is built for one thing only: to run text to win sweepstakes. Every sweepstakes problem is solved in your account (from drawing and contacting winners to reports on your participants, providing market intelligence).

We even offer the documents you will need to send to your winners after the sweeps ends, including a page to publish the names of the winners as required by law (Winners List).

We can also end your sweepstakes automatically so you don’t have to worry about getting up at night to stop the sweeps. You won’t find these advanced features in bulk-texting platforms.

Entry Speed

Instead of asking additional questions via flat text, if your text sweeps links to an entry form that has already autocompleted the entrant’s mobile number, it would take just 30 seconds to enter (unlike the back-and-forth messages we described earlier from that other company).

In an on-the-go environment, every second counts. So if you want more entrants and you want to collect more info, the answer is simple: use text with a web entry form for your next text to win!

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Sweeps Prize Ideas for B2B or Service-based Businesses

Text sweepstakes are no longer just for B2C businesses. However, the main difference is that a B2B text to win campaign needs to be buyer-focused in order for it to be successful.

This finding is the result of research done by Harvard Business Review which found that 90% of business decision-makers initiate their purchasing processes by canvassing opinions from industry experts via social media.

As a result, if you advertise your text to win campaign on social media, you can directly connect with those decision-makers.

Now that you know where to locate your target audience, it’s time to turn those visitors into leads.

Here are B2B sweeps prizes ideas and prize delivery recommendations that you can use to launch a successful text to win campaign.

1. A Year’s Worth of Service or Access to Your Own Product

As a B2B or service-based business, one of the most effective prizes that you can give to sweeps entrants is your own product.

When you give away free trials or full access to your service for a year, you give potential buyers the chance to start researching and thinking about your offering.

Running a text sweepstakes with your product as the prize attracts a lot of attention and you can be assured that this attention will translate to greater product awareness.

2. Create a Product Bundle

Another way to deliver your product or service as a sweeps prize is to bundle your item with that of a complimentary business service.

Not only will this make your product seem more enticing, it will allow your text to win to appeal to a larger pool of B2B buyers that may not be familiar with your brand.

They may know the brand that you have partnered up with, automatically give your brand the same trust and credibility as your partner’s brand.

3. A Consulting or Customization Package

Bonus consulting services or customization of your product is a great way to add exclusivity to your prize. A consulting or customization package for your product will help to increase participation since it won’t be a service that is normally available to buyers at all or without a significant cost.

Bring Excitement to the Delivery of Your Sweepstakes Prize

As much as it’s important to delight your customers with your sweepstakes prize, you can also use the delivery of your prize to drive B2B buyer participation as well. Let entrants know that you will deliver the prize at a special event planned by your company or even at an upcoming conference or industry event.

Another unique way to deliver your prize that will make things more exciting for entrants is to have the prize delivered by a notable person in your industry.

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How to Increase Entries for Your Sweepstakes

Oftentimes, brands think that offering any kind of giveaway will attract customers.

Unfortunately, with so many companies vying for the average consumer’s attention, the bare minimum simply won’t cut it when it comes to launching a successful sweepstakes promotion.

If you really want to maximize your sweepstakes entries, you must engage your participants. Don’t let people think that your sweepstakes isn’t worth entering.

To help you achieve better results, here are 3 proven ways to increase entries for your sweepstakes.

1. Award Prizes to Multiple Winners

Even if it’s an amazing prize, having a single prize makes consumers feel like the odds of winning are so low that your sweepstakes isn’t worth entering. You can fix this problem and attract more entries by simply awarding prizes to multiple winners instead of a single winner.

While you may have to give away smaller prizes, make sure that they are still worth winning. No customer will care that you’re giving away 50 key chains to “lucky” winners.

2. Offer a More Expensive Prize

Companies are always on the lookout for new ways to cut costs. However, when it comes to selecting prizes for your text to win, going the cheap route will only yield fewer entries. No one wants to put in the effort to enter a sweepstakes to win something cheap.

Most customers aren’t cheapskates nor are they super lazy. If they could just buy your prize from the store for a few bucks, why should they bother to enter a sweepstakes that they probably won’t win instead?

Whether it’s a year’s worth of your product/service or an expensive gift or trip, go all out for more appeal.

3. Make It Easy to Enter

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to make your sweepstakes easy to enter. In fact, we’ve designed our entire Sweeppea platform around the best practices for text to win marketing so that your sweepstakes will generate as many entries as possible.

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Text (hint, hint) is one of the easiest ways to enter a sweeps. You can enter from anywhere, even while in store. Your customers will also enjoy a text to win giveaway because there’s no new app to download or website to go to in order to enter.

Your customer only has to send a text with a Sweepkey to a shortcode to become a participant. It’s that simple.

Next time you launch a sweepstakes, consider these tips if you want to maximize your results from your promotion. Your customers will be satisfied and you’ll gain the subscribers you need to grow your business.

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