Sweeps Prize Ideas for B2B or Service-based Businesses

Text sweepstakes are no longer just for B2C businesses. However, the main difference is that a B2B text to win campaign needs to be buyer-focused in order for it to be successful.

This finding is the result of research done by Harvard Business Review which found that 90% of business decision-makers initiate their purchasing processes by canvassing opinions from industry experts via social media.

As a result, if you advertise your text to win campaign on social media, you can directly connect with those decision-makers.

Now that you know where to locate your target audience, it’s time to turn those visitors into leads.

Here are B2B sweeps prizes ideas and prize delivery recommendations that you can use to launch a successful text to win campaign.

1. A Year’s Worth of Service or Access to Your Own Product

As a B2B or service-based business, one of the most effective prizes that you can give to sweeps entrants is your own product.

When you give away free trials or full access to your service for a year, you give potential buyers the chance to start researching and thinking about your offering.

Running a text sweepstakes with your product as the prize attracts a lot of attention and you can be assured that this attention will translate to greater product awareness.

2. Create a Product Bundle

Another way to deliver your product or service as a sweeps prize is to bundle your item with that of a complimentary business service.

Not only will this make your product seem more enticing, it will allow your text to win to appeal to a larger pool of B2B buyers that may not be familiar with your brand.

They may know the brand that you have partnered up with, automatically give your brand the same trust and credibility as your partner’s brand.

3. A Consulting or Customization Package

Bonus consulting services or customization of your product is a great way to add exclusivity to your prize. A consulting or customization package for your product will help to increase participation since it won’t be a service that is normally available to buyers at all or without a significant cost.

Bring Excitement to the Delivery of Your Sweepstakes Prize

As much as it’s important to delight your customers with your sweepstakes prize, you can also use the delivery of your prize to drive B2B buyer participation as well. Let entrants know that you will deliver the prize at a special event planned by your company or even at an upcoming conference or industry event.

Another unique way to deliver your prize that will make things more exciting for entrants is to have the prize delivered by a notable person in your industry.

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How to Increase Entries for Your Sweepstakes

Oftentimes, brands think that offering any kind of giveaway will attract customers.

Unfortunately, with so many companies vying for the average consumer’s attention, the bare minimum simply won’t cut it when it comes to launching a successful sweepstakes promotion.

If you really want to maximize your sweepstakes entries, you must engage your participants. Don’t let people think that your sweepstakes isn’t worth entering.

To help you achieve better results, here are 3 proven ways to increase entries for your sweepstakes.

1. Award Prizes to Multiple Winners

Even if it’s an amazing prize, having a single prize makes consumers feel like the odds of winning are so low that your sweepstakes isn’t worth entering. You can fix this problem and attract more entries by simply awarding prizes to multiple winners instead of a single winner.

While you may have to give away smaller prizes, make sure that they are still worth winning. No customer will care that you’re giving away 50 key chains to “lucky” winners.

2. Offer a More Expensive Prize

Companies are always on the lookout for new ways to cut costs. However, when it comes to selecting prizes for your text to win, going the cheap route will only yield fewer entries. No one wants to put in the effort to enter a sweepstakes to win something cheap.

Most customers aren’t cheapskates nor are they super lazy. If they could just buy your prize from the store for a few bucks, why should they bother to enter a sweepstakes that they probably won’t win instead?

Whether it’s a year’s worth of your product/service or an expensive gift or trip, go all out for more appeal.

3. Make It Easy to Enter

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to make your sweepstakes easy to enter. In fact, we’ve designed our entire Sweeppea platform around the best practices for text to win marketing so that your sweepstakes will generate as many entries as possible.

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Text (hint, hint) is one of the easiest ways to enter a sweeps. You can enter from anywhere, even while in store. Your customers will also enjoy a text to win giveaway because there’s no new app to download or website to go to in order to enter.

Your customer only has to send a text with a Sweepkey to a shortcode to become a participant. It’s that simple.

Next time you launch a sweepstakes, consider these tips if you want to maximize your results from your promotion. Your customers will be satisfied and you’ll gain the subscribers you need to grow your business.

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Case Study: Promoting a Retail Holiday with a Text to Win

Retailer uses text to win on retail holiday to boost awareness

Frozen Food Month might not be a regular holiday in your household, but you may be willing to “celebrate” it with a chance to win a trip to Hawaii! For retailers, these holidays can be a great reason to offer discounts and promotions. And that’s exactly what Smart & Final, a chain of grocery warehouse stores, did recently.

The “Escape the Cold” Sweepstakes ran in 300 stores and offered a chance to win a trip for two to Kauai, Hawaii. It also offered a few ways to enter with entry by text and social media. In all, the retailer got creative and took advantage of a retail holiday to get boost attention and exposure.

  • Objective: Boost awareness and attention before spring
  • Prize: One lucky winner received a trip for two to Kauai, Hawaii
  • Entry  Method:  Text HAWAII to 65047 for a chance to win.
  • Results:
    • Using a text-to-win through Sweeppea, they captured participants’ mobile numbers and email information, opening the channel for post-event text message marketing offers.
    • Hundreds of participants entered, allowing Smart & Final to build a database of prospective customers for re-marketing.

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Asking Extra Questions on Your Sweepstakes Entry Form: Good or Bad?

Here at Sweeppea, many of our clients use a web sweepstakes entry form with text to be able to collect more information.

Although a web entry form is necessary in order to provide an Alternative Method of Entry (AMOE), it can also serve another purpose: allowing companies to qualify sweepstakes leads.

If you’re trying to decide if asking extra questions on your sweepstakes web entry form is a good idea, read on for the pros and cons.

Complicated Entry Forms May Lead to Fewer Signups

First, a caveat: Research has shown complicated entry forms result in fewer signups. In other words, every extra step is seen as more work by users. So be careful with the length of your form!

While a few fields are accepted, an overly long form with a list of questions can affect entries. An extra question or two won’t be a deal breaker. It just depends on how easy they are to answer and how they’re framed in your promotion. But if you ask something that’s too personal or inappropriate for the start of your relationship with them, you’re likely to see a lower response.

Use Questions to Segment Users

If done correctly, a few non-intrusive questions could actually be very beneficial to your campaign.

Most recently, Oyster Bay Wines wanted to collect data on where people bought or saw their product.

They asked  2 questions on their sweepstakes entry form to find out how entrants learned about the promotion, as well as, whether they had purchased the company’s products before.

These types of questions can help determine the strength of your promotional channels and whether awareness of your brand is high amongst participants or in a certain area.

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Generate Leads From Entry Form Questions

Entry form questions can also be used to generate leads for your business. This method is extremely common in industries like insurance, real estate and others. Real estate firms use text to win campaigns to generate home buyer and home seller leads.

Ron Howard & Associates of RE/MAX Preferred used a text to win to generate pre-qualified leads for their sales team.

Hundreds of participants entered the company’s sweepstakes in order to win concert tickets. In this case, the company asked questions on the form regarding their interest in buying or selling real estate.

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The bottom line? When it’s time to customize your sweepstakes entry form, pursue your goals, while keeping it as simple as possible.

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How a Text to Win Can Increase Entries 35 Times for Consumer Products

As a brand, it’s your ultimate goal to optimize every aspect of your text to win, while also making sure that you’ve provided an environment that makes it easy for customers to enter your campaign. For consumer products, this means making your text to win available to customers in a retail environment.

Here are the benefits of advertising a text to win campaign in a retail environment along with a real-life case study.

Attract Interest As You Showcase Your Brand

End caps are the perfect place to showcase your brand in a retail space. Even if you have never run an in-store promotion before, a text to win creates the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the high foot traffic that end caps attract.

We all know end caps and special displays can do a lot to boost, not only the text promotion, but obviously the product itself. This type of promotion can even help you secure this highly prized space in store.

In-store Displays Drive Serious Results, Just Ask King’s Hawaiian

According to Lee Hastings of The Wilson Group, popular food brand King’s Hawaiian managed to actually increase sweepstakes entries 35 times compared to previous sweeps by promoting their text to win in retail locations where their products are sold.

The company also benefited from nearly 100% store participation with front lobby displays at the retailers.

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In-store Customers Are Ready to Interact With Your Brand

Unlike social media where users often aren’t interested in connecting with brands unless they have already decided to shop for a product, in-store customers are more open to learning about your text to win promotion as they shop.

As a result, in-store promotions can yield significant results. First, you can attract new customers to your brand, thanks to special displays. Second, you can also delight and reward existing customers with a chance to win a prize as they pick up your product in the store.

While the “no purchase necessary” rule still applies to text to wins, targeting customers where they shop with an attractive promotion can increase sales.

At the same time, you’ll build a list of subscribers that are almost guaranteed to have a significantly higher level of interest in your brand in comparison to sweepstakes leads from other sources.

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