4 Ways to Promote Your Sweeps Winners

Encouraging your followers to engage with your text to win involves a strategy that is designed to maintain their interest even after the sweeps winners have been selected. If you want to create an active list of subscribers, you need to be proactive.

Here are 4 ways to promote your sweeps winners that will help keep entrants interested in your campaign, even if they don’t win.

1. Announce Winner Selection Via Text

Your entrants are all waiting earnestly in anticipation of the end of your text sweepstakes. So you shouldn’t keep them waiting when it comes to letting them know the winner has been selected.

As soon as the winner is chosen for your sweepstakes, send a text message to announce the selection. You don’t have to include the name of the winner. Instead, simply thank everyone who didn’t win for entering.

2. Offer a Consolation Prize

As a part of your thanks for entering winner announcement, offer a small discount on your company’s products or services. By following up with consolation prizes, you’ll leave non-winning entrants with a positive experience.

Consolation prizes sent via text provide the perfect opportunity to gauge whether entrants are interested in future promotions from your brand. At this stage, you’ll be able to identify the entrants that are truly fans of your brand versus the people who only entered for the prizes.

3. Take As Many Photos of the Winners and Prizes As Possible

If the winner of your text to win has to pick up the prize in person, make sure you set up a photo op. Take photos of winners with prizes for social media and your website. (Make sure to get a release signed.) You can also include the photos in your email newsletter for additional exposure.

Even if you plan to mail the prize to the winner or it’s a prize they claim online, ask if they can take a photo with the prize and/or write a testimonial about their experience with your text sweepstakes or make it part of the terms and conditions for accepting the prize.

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4. Promote Daily Winners on Facebook and Instagram

If you’re running an ongoing sweep, make sure to post daily winners to your Facebook or Instagram page. Post the most recent winner’s name and the prize they won. Make sure you also provide a link to the sweepstakes entry page and a link to your site so potential entrants can see the prizes that are available to win.

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What is a Sweepkey and Other Text to Win Sweepstakes Lingo

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If you’re planning to launch a text to win sweepstakes, there are a few things you may need to learn. Fortunately, a short and simple explanation is all that’s needed to help you understand some of the new terms you might come across as you explore the world of SMS marketing.

Here is a quick text to win terms glossary in plain-English to help you understand exactly what that text sweepstakes lingo means.

1. SMS

SMS is short for “Short Message Service.” SMS is the global protocol used for sending and receiving text messages. “SMS message” is also another way of saying “text message.”

2. Keyword or Sweepkey

A Keyword or Sweepkey is the word your entrants will text in order to interact with your text to win campaign. Here at Sweeppea, we refer to Keywords as Sweepkeys. The majority of the time a Sweepkey is used to join a text to win campaign. In this example, “summer” is the sweepey: “Text SUMMER to 65047 for a chance to win a summer getaway!”

However, a user may use also a Sweepkey to interact with your follow-up promotions after they’ve entered your text to win campaign.

3. Short Code

A Short Code is a 5- or 6-digit phone number that users send text messages to in order to join or interact with your SMS marketing campaign. Our short code is 65047.

4. Call to Action

A Call to Action is a sentence that informs users of the Sweepkey and Short Code combination that is required in order to subscribe to or interact with your text to win campaign.

Example: “Text ENTERTOWIN to 65047 to join our text to win sweepstakes.”

In the previous example, ENTERTOWIN is the Sweepkey or Keyword and 65047 is the Short Code.

5. Opt-in or Opt-out

SMS marketing is a “permission-based” activity. This means that every user must give their permission in order for you to send them text messages. A user opts in or subscribes by sending a text message (based on your call to action above). They then get an automatic reply text confirming they’ve entered or subscribed. Once they’ve opted in and see the appropriate disclaimers, you have permission to send them text messages.

When a user wants to stop receiving marketing messages from your company, they can send an Opt-out text to easily unsubscribe or stop receiving. An Opt-out text means the user is withdrawing their permission for you to send them text messages. An industry standard is to use the word “STOP” as to opt out keyword. This means all the user has to do is send a text (or reply to a text from that number) with the word STOP. They will then receive an auto reply confirming they’ve opted out and will no longer receive texts.

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Why Your Sweepstakes Should Have a Privacy Policy

When it comes to running a text to win sweepstakes, you absolutely need to make sure that your promotion has a legally compliant privacy policy. Failing to include one could seriously hinder your company’s ability to utilize the consumer information you’ve collected from your entrants.

To help you understand why a privacy policy is so important for a sweepstakes, here are the top reasons why your sweepstakes should have a privacy policy.

You Can’t Use Entrants’ Data for Marketing Without Consent

If you want to use the data that you’ve collected from your entrants for marketing purposes, such as follow-up discounts and email marketing, you must obtain their consent first. To ensure that you have consent, create a privacy policy that contains all of the required consent language and make sure that it is provided to your entrants at the point of entry into the sweepstakes.

Without a privacy policy, your business is likely to be in violation of state and federal privacy laws if you contact entrants again for any reason after they’ve signed up.

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You Want to Publicly Announce the Winners

Did you know that announcing the winners of your sweepstakes is illegal in many states unless you have a privacy policy in place for your sweepstakes with the proper disclosures? In fact, you will not be permitted to use the name, likeness, or biographical information of the sweepstakes winners to publicly announce the winners unless they agreed to your privacy policy.

This is because disclosing the winner’s information could be considered as a violation of the winner’s rights to privacy. You should also know that some jurisdictions, such as the State of Tennessee, may also require additional consent beyond a privacy policy if you want to use the name or likeness of the winner.

You Want to Use Your Entrants’ Information in Your Branding

Sometimes a text to win turns out so well that you just might want to incorporate the sweepstakes winner into your branding. Whether you plan to feature a previous sweepstakes winner in your next promotion or you want to show them off as a spokesperson for your brand, you need to fully inform entrants upfront.

Make sure your privacy policy covers all of the potential ways in which you might want to utilize any information that your entrants provide to you.

Consult an Attorney

Drafting a comprehensive privacy policy for your sweepstakes isn’t a straightforward task, especially if you haven’t yet decided how you plan to use any data that you collect. Therefore, the information provided in this article should not be considered as legal advice. Every situation is unique and you always seek the advice of an attorney to draft a privacy policy for your sweepstakes.

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Prize Idea Bank for Your Mother’s & Father’s Day Sweepstakes

It’s that time of the year again: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are almost here! For marketers, this is the perfect opportunity to grow your audience and attract new customers. So if you’re looking for some prize ideas for these holiday sweepstakes, here are 20 prize ideas to try.

Mother’s Day Sweeps Prize Ideas

Here are the top 10 Mother’s Day sweepstakes prize ideas that will grab your audience’s attention:

1. Shopping Spree: While a free item or gift card is nice, a shopping spree boosts the excitement! Offer a chance to win a shopping spree worth $500 or shopping with a stylist.

2. Spa Day: Mom deserves a day of pampering for everything she’s done for you. Offer a chance to win a Mother’s Day Spa Day or a Makeover worth $500.

3. In the Garden: Spring has arrived and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to tend to the garden. Mom’s with green thumbs would love a chance to win a garden makeover, gardening supplies or credit at their favorite garden center.

4. Theater Tickets: Mom will absolutely love to see the hottest show in town. Offer a chance to win tickets to an upcoming Broadway show or local play.

5. Gift Card: Give Mom the freedom to buy whatever her heart desires! Offer a chance to win a gift card worth $1,000.

6. Dinner: A night out with a nice dinner is another mom favorite. Offer dinner for two or even a chance to win a month’s supply of meal delivery!

7. Ebook Reader: Help mom relax and catch up on her reading list. Offer a chance to win an ebook reader, complete with bestselling titles.

8. Family Vacation: Mom would love to spend time with her kids! Offer a chance to win a weekend getaway for her and her family.

9. Beauty Treatment: Mom deserves to look her best. Offer a chance to win cosmetic treatment sessions worth $500.

10. Home Makeover: Doesn’t every mom want to live in her dream home? Help get her there with chance to win home decorating services or a home decor shopping spree worth $3,000.

Father’s Day Sweeps Prize Ideas

1. Golf Lessons: Give dad the weekend to work on his swing. Offer a chance for a chance to win golf lessons worth $300.

2. Action Camera: Help dad capture all of those action-packed moments while vacationing with the family. Offer a chance to win a GoPro camera worth $300.

3. Grill: Help dad enjoy Father’s Day with a backyard barbecue. Offer a chance to win a barbecue grill worth $400.

4. Season Tickets: Dad deserves to see his favorite team win in-person with season tickets. Offer a chance to win season tickets for 2 worth $600.

5. Power Tools: Dad’s who love working with their hands would  love some new tools. Offer a chance to win power tools worth $300.

6. Drone: For tech-loving dads, a drone is perfect way to try new tech while exploring the city from the air. Offer a chance to win a drone worth $400.

7. Lawnmower: Some dads enjoy lawn work, especially if it involves riding a big lawnmower. Offer a chance to win a John Deere mower worth $600.

8. Gift Card: Dad needs some new clothes so that he can look his best. Offer a chance to win a gift card to a men’s clothing store worth $500.

9. Cruise: Help dads in your audience spend more time with their families. Offer a chance to win a 4-day, 3-night cruise to the Caribbean!

10. Car Accessories: Dad needs new car accessories to keep his ride in perfect condition. Offer a chance to win custom car accessories from the auto parts store worth $500!

Final Tips

Remember to choose a prize that is relevant to your brand and delivers real value for your audience. By doing so, you’ll lure in more entries and encourage entrants to spread the word.

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Sweepstakes Mistakes You Might Be Making

If you don’t know what to look out for, the most common sweepstakes mistakes can seriously derail your promotion and land you in hot water with regulators. Don’t let legal concerns ruin your text to win promotion!

To help you avoid a major slip up, here are 5 sweepstakes mistakes you might be making and how to avoid them.

1. Making a Purchase Necessary

Every sweepstakes must allow entries where no purchase is necessary, otherwise it’s considered an illegal lottery. While you can allow entries with purchase, you must have an entry method where purchase isn’t required. This is why you often see an option for mail-in or email entries.

2. Not Reviewing Official Rules

Keep in mind that your Official Rules are akin to a contract with your customers. Official Rules should be carefully drafted for every sweepstakes you run to ensure you’re in compliance with all applicable laws.

So consider an official rules template or previous version as a starting point. Build on the template to make sure the final rules address all of the unique features of your promotion. While our rules wizard does help with rules setup, we always recommend having rules reviewed by an attorney.

3. Not Including Abbreviated Rules in Ads

When advertising your sweepstakes in-store or anywhere else, include abbreviated rules and disclaimers required for your sweepstakes. They should always be included in all ads to ensure compliance. If space is a concern, use short links that will redirect visitors to a web page where they can view the official rules and disclaimers in their entirety.

4. Hiding the Fine Print

You may think hiding the fine print will encourage more entrants to your sweepstakes, but this is something you should never do. In fact, hiding the rules can open you up to legal liability if your customers have to jump through hoops to locate them. The same is true for mobile disclaimers and terms. Your official rules can only protect you if your entrants consent to them when they opt-in to your sweepstakes.

So make sure that you make them as easily accessible as possible by include a link to them in ads and sign up forms. For mobile, you must also include: “Message and data rates may apply.” This notifies consumers that their mobile provider may charge fees, depending on their mobile plan.

5. Ignoring State Regulations for Sweepstakes

In certain states, you must register and bond your sweepstakes with the state at least 30 days before it is set to begin. For example, the state of New York requires registration and bonding if the sweepstakes prize is valued at $5,000 or more. Don’t ignore state and local regulations for your sweepstakes or you may be faced with fines and severe penalties.

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