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Seven Daughters Wines Text to Win “Summer Bucket List” Sweepstakes Powered by Sweeppea

Wine brand Seven Daughters is gaining retail space with text to win sweepstakes. Wineries increase orders and help retailers sell more cases by adding a text to win promotion to be featured in endcaps or special displays. These endcaps and displays boost sales and gain attention, while the text to win helps them build a database of customers. It’s a win-win.


  • To create a fun and engaging text-to-win sweepstakes to promote new wines.
  • To gain preferential end-cap shelf space and product positioning with retailers.


  • Hundreds of participants entered

Prize: Four (4) random winners will get a chance to win a bucket list item this summer

To get started with your own text-to-win, see our features and pricing.

(Photo by Seven Daughters Wines)