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Sweeppea Makes it Easier to Run Text-to-Win Sweepstakes with New Update

Sweeppea, the only platform solely dedicated to text to win sweepstakes, is heading into 2018 with its largest update yet. Now available, this version offers a cleaner UI experience, a host of new features and more flexible pricing for events and shorter campaigns.

Anyone interested is invited open a free demo account at Sweeppea.com (no credit card required).

“Since we first developed the platform, we’ve always responded to our customers’ needs with new features. With this update, we also made our pricing more flexible for those running text to wins for events and short campaigns. So instead of monthly fees, they can now pay only for the days their sweepstakes are live,” said Marcos Menendez, CEO and co-founder.

The platform’s new features include:

  • Cleaner user interface.
  • Streamlined tutorial for sweepstakes setup.
  • More options for randomly choosing winners, including instant winners.
  • Ability to filter lists and send texts to entrants who meet certain parameters.
  • Calendar featuring winner draw dates and other milestones.
  • Spanish language option with rules, forms and texts in Spanish.
  • Enhanced campaign reports.

The company continues to offer unlimited sweepstakes entries, unlimited text messages and multiple Sweepkeys in both self-service and full-service plans. The platform has been used by clients including Bud Light, King’s Hawaiian, Honda, Meijers and others.

To sign up for a free demo or for more information, visit www.sweeppea.com.

About Sweeppea

Sweeppea offers marketers the tools to create a text-to-win or mobile sweepstakes to boost awareness, build leads and promote their brand. Built on a proprietary mobile platform, it features custom sweepkeys and entry forms, an Official Rules Wizard and campaign reporting. To learn more, visit www.sweeppea.com.