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Target “Super Mobile” Users with a Text to Win in Spanish

Hispanics are now the most avid smartphone users among digital consumers in the U.S. according to Nielsen’s most recent Total Audience Report. In fact, they spend more than 14 hours per week using apps, listening to audio, watching videos, and browsing the mobile web.

And when it comes to other things that we do with our phones, such as talking and texting, the same trend seems to apply. For example, Nielsen Mobile Insights also found that the average Hispanic mobile user uses 658 minutes on their mobile plan, which is significantly higher than the average across all demographics of consumers at 510 minutes per month.

Hispanics Are More Satisfied With Their Mobile Devices Than Other Groups

The study also uncovered that Hispanics have a high level of satisfaction with their mobile service providers as well. With high levels of both engagement and satisfaction, Hispanics have become Super Consumers.

Their high levels of satisfaction also mean that they are less likely to switch devices or carriers, which means Hispanics are more likely to stick with brands they like and are familiar with.

With a population that is estimated to account for more than half of population growth in the United States by 2020 and nearly 85% of growth by the year 2060, their current $1.4 trillion spending power will skyrocket.

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There are many businesses targeting the U.S. Hispanic market. Why not get in on the action with a text to win? Here are the reasons why you should target “super mobile users” with a text to win in Spanish and how Sweeppea can make it easy for you.

Build a Text to Win in Spanish With Sweeppea

You can use Sweeppea to target Hispanics in the U.S. and Puerto Rico with campaigns in their language. With this option, you can set the language to Spanish to give you full functionality in that language.

Not only will the dashboard and behind-the-scenes instructions appear in Spanish, but your text messages, confirmation messages, entry forms and official rules for your campaign will as well.

This option is available in both our self-service and full-service plans. For our full-service plans, even winner contact can be done in Spanish.

Request a free demo of our Spanish language platform today! To get started now, see features and pricing.