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Your Text to Win Checklist for Legal Rules

If you plan to run a text to win, you’ll want to double-check the legal aspects of your promotion before it goes live. To help you with this, we’ve put together a text to win checklist.

When it comes to rules and compliance, keep in mind this isn’t legal advice. The only way to ensure your sweepstakes is in compliance with all applicable laws is to have it reviewed by an attorney.

1. Official and Abbreviated Rules

Every text to win needs to have a set of official and abbreviated rules that have been reviewed for compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations. Sweeppea provides an Official Rules Wizard that you can use to quickly create official rules for your text to win campaign.

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2. Privacy Policy

A privacy policy informs your entrants on how you will collect and use the personal information you request from them. The privacy policy may be contained in your official rules or you can also link to it from the landing page of your promotion.

3. Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for your text to win should be clearly defined in your official rules. For example, if residents of Arizona that are 21 or older are the only people that your text to win is open to, you must include this in the eligibility requirements section of your official rules. You could run into legal problems if someone who is not eligible to win enters and you don’t award the prize to them.

4. Text Disclaimer

A text disclaimer (e.g. “Message and data rates may apply.”) lets your entrants know that they may be additional charges from their wireless carrier for the text messages that they receive as a result of entering your text to win. They may also may incur data charges if you send them links to click on as a part of your campaign.

5. Alternative Method of Entry (AMOE)

Every text to win needs to have an AMOE other than SMS. Sweeppea makes it easy for you to set up a Web Entry Form so that users can enter your text to win via web as well.

6. Promotional Details

Make sure to include a start date and end date in your official rules, as well as, the number of entries that each person or household may submit. You should also explain how the winner will be chosen and the date and time for when the winner will be selected.

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