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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Gen X in Your SMS Sweepstakes

Are you marketing to Generation X with your SMS sweepstakes and other promotions? If not, you’re not alone. Somewhere along the way, marketers skipped them and went from Baby Boomers to now focusing nearly all of their efforts on Millennials.

Generation X generally refers to people born in the 1960s and 1970s. Although these consumers are in their prime earning years, from late-30s to mid-50s, this age group isn’t being targeted very much.

This is a big mistake for brands because Gen Xers actually bring in a lot of revenue given their stellar stats as a consumer group. Here are a few of the top reasons why you shouldn’t ignore Gen X in your SMS sweepstakes.

1. They’re 65 Million Strong

While Generation X might not be as large as Baby Boomers and Millennials in terms of numbers, they’re still quite a large group. Pew Research found that there are 65 million Xers as compared to 77 million Baby Boomers and 83 million Millennials.

2. They’re Tech Savvy

Generation X experienced early adulthood before smartphones and the internet became the norm. As a result, they still consume traditional media. According to Forrester Research, 48% still listen to the radio, 62% read newspapers and 85% have favorite TV shows.

However, they do adopt new technology at a much higher rate then Baby Boomers and are comfortable with email, as well. A survey by Millward Brown Digital found 60% use a smartphone every day and 75% use social networks regularly.

This means you can promote your text to win to this market through traditional channels, while also providing the convenience of text. We also suggest using a web form to collect emails from them for email marketing.

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3. They’re Homeowners

Gen X has a home ownership rate of approximately 82%, according to research from MetLife. Unlike Millennials, they’re also well-established in their careers and family life, which creates more opportunities for them to spend their disposable income with your business.

4. They’re Loyal to Brands

According to eMarketer, Xers have the highest rate of brand loyalty in comparison to other generations at 70%. That’s great news. Because if you use your SMS sweepstakes to introduce them to your business and they have a good experience, there’s a much higher chance they’re likely to stick around and become loyal customers.

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