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Why You Should Hire a Text to Win Sweepstakes Management Firm to Handle Your Sweepstakes

Why should you hire a text to win sweepstakes management firm to manage your text sweepstakes? Here are a few answers…

Why can’t we just have someone in-house run it?

It’s not to say that someone from your team can’t do it, but there are a few good reasons why you should hire experts. The first has to do with efficiency and ROI. Do you know what works best? What’s the most effective way to structure it? What are the rules that might impact the campaign, especially in your industry? These are all things we can answer quickly. We’ve worked on so many sweeps in various industries, we can tell you how to structure it, based on what has worked and what hasn’t.

Also, official rules are important. Your legal team might not specialize in promotions law and might not know about the rules of telecommunications or text message marketing. It’s best to work with someone who’s aware of all of the latest changes in this field.

Let your team to focus on what they do best and review the rules and campaign we create for you.

We found a similar text to win promotion from another company. Can’t we just model that?

It’s unlikely your promotion will benefit from using another’s structure and setup. Your goals will likely be different and there may be other issues and rules to consider. It can also be dangerous to use the official rules of another your campaign. They may not be legally compliant for sweepstakes in general or your industry in particular.

Okay, so we have a social media app. We can just announce and run it there, right?

Wrong! There is so much more that’s needed when running a text sweepstakes. Although you can promote it on social media, you can’t rely on those platforms to handle the legal issues for you. Plus, it’s always best to run promotions that boost your own mobile or email subscriber lists, not Facebook’s or Instagram’s.

Don’t forget behind-the-scenes administrative tasks that need to be done. We offer these services:

  • Secure state board approvals for alcohol sponsors
  • Review advertising materials for compliance
  • Register & bond sweepstakes when needed
  • Gain winner publicity & liability release

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Do we really need official rules?

Many SMB clients who want to run a text sweepstakes with a small prize or over a short duration ask if they even need official rules in the first place. Absolutely, yes.

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Any campaign that you run needs to comply with the laws of the jurisdictions in which the campaign will run. Keep in mind that official rules are there to protect both you and your customers. And at the end of the day, it can protect you from a lawsuit.

If you’re still undecided about whether or not you want to hire an outside firm to handle your text to win, let us know.

We’re here to answer all of your questions! To get started now, see features and pricing.