Case Study: Promoting a Retail Holiday with a Text to Win

Retailer uses text to win on retail holiday to boost awareness

Frozen Food Month might not be a regular holiday in your household, but you may be willing to “celebrate” it with a chance to win a trip to Hawaii! For retailers, these holidays can be a great reason to offer discounts and promotions. And that’s exactly what Smart & Final, a chain of grocery warehouse stores, did recently.

The “Escape the Cold” Sweepstakes ran in 300 stores and offered a chance to win a trip for two to Kauai, Hawaii. It also offered a few ways to enter with entry by text and social media. In all, the retailer got creative and took advantage of a retail holiday to get boost attention and exposure.

  • Objective: Boost awareness and attention before spring
  • Prize: One lucky winner received a trip for two to Kauai, Hawaii
  • Entry  Method:  Text HAWAII to 65047 for a chance to win.
  • Results:
    • Using a text-to-win through Sweeppea, they captured participants’ mobile numbers and email information, opening the channel for post-event text message marketing offers.
    • Hundreds of participants entered, allowing Smart & Final to build a database of prospective customers for re-marketing.

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Case Study: Washington Capital’s Text to Win Captures Fan Info and Boosts Ticket Sales

NHL Washington Capitals Text to Win Case Study - sweeppea

The Washington Capitals professional hockey team wanted to increase game participation and collect fan information for re-marketing efforts.

  • Objective: Boost in ticket sales and capture prospective fans information for re-marketing
  • Prize: One lucky winner will receive four tickets + VIP Experience
  • Entry  Method:  Text CAPITALS to 65047 for a chance to win VIP tickets.
  • Results:
    • Using a text-to-win through Sweeppea, they captured participants’ mobile numbers and email information, opening the channel for post-event text message marketing offers.
    • Hundreds of participants entered, allowing The Capitals to build a database of prospective customers for re-marketing.
    • Participants who did not win were offered tickets for sale.

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Case Study: Using SMS Sweepstakes for Tourism Marketing

See how a beach destination used SMS sweepstakes for tourism marketing.

Promoting a destination isn’t for the faint of heart. Visitors have many options and are bombarded with beautiful travel photos online. So what’s a tourism marketer to do? Get a bit creative.

This is what the Borough of Seaside Heights, New Jersey did recently when they ran an SMS Sweepstakes. A sweepstakes coupled with other tactics can help a destination get the word out and build excitement.

Known for its miles of sandy beaches and lively boardwalk, Seaside Heights attracts visitors from throughout the Northeast. They were seeing less visitors on rainy days, for obvious reasons, and so wanted to promote free beach passes (or seasonal badges) during the off-season.

They did what we’d recommend for a tourism marketing-related sweepstakes:

  1. Keep it simple and easy to enter (text or SMS is the easiest way to enter a sweepstakes).
  2. Make the most of mobile, which appeals to most Millenials, and post it on social.
  3. Offer a relevant prize. What could be more relevant than free beach badges for a season?

Boost your tourism marketing sweepstakes campaign even further by partnering with influencers.

While Seaside Heights didn’t include influencers in this promotion, it’s a good tactic to boost entries and exposure even further. Influencers with local and regional influence can help get the word out to their audiences. See our post on working with influencers to promote your sweepstakes.


Overall, Seaside Heights did well with their campaign, which was promoted on Facebook.

Goals: Boost rainy-day engagement and build their email and text list

Prize: Two Season Beach Badges with approximate retail value (ARV) of $120

They saw more than 500 entries within the first hour!

Case Study: Chinet Uses Text to Win to Offer a Dream Movie Night

Backyard Movie Night Text to Win Promotion by Chinet at Meijers

text to win for a dream movie party turned into a dream campaign for The Buntin Group and their clients, Chinet Classic White. Their goal was to expand and promote usage of Chinet disposable tableware during outdoor summer occasions.

They focused on an opportunity with a key retailer, Meijer, and used it to increase interest in their brands, while heightening loyalty among customers. Thus, the Meijer Backyard Movie Night Text-to-Win Sweepstakes was born.

Other consumer product brands like Char-Broil Grills, OFF! and Lake N’ Trail got behind the idea too. The Sweeppea text-to-win platform was chosen to execute it.

The Campaign

The campaign consisted of national TV, digital, social and PR initiatives. The sweepstakes creative featured imagery from the 2017 30-second TV spot of family and friends watching a movie in the backyard with pizza and popcorn on Chinet Classic White plates and bowls. Prizes included all the makings of a perfect movie night host package including a 65” TV, Charbroil Grill, Chinet party supplies, Meijer gift cards and more.

With the sweepstakes in particular, they targeted:

  • Meijer shoppers overall
  • Existing Chinet buyers who shop at Meijer

The strategy waas to capitalize on the very natural relationship of summer grilling with Chinet Classic White products, as well as the growing popularity of at-home, outdoor entertaining. So, media dollars were spent with partners like HGTV and Food Network for TV flights during summer grilling specials with an extra push around Memorial Day and Fourth of July.

The media behind the campaign was a mix of national broadcast, digital video/radio, content, email, direct response digital, paid social and PR. The text-to-win sweepstakes provided in-store exposure, customer messaging and included entrance signage with a CTA to text to enter for a chance to win.

Their First Text to Win

This was their first text to win sweepstakes program and it was a success.

Text or SMS was a natural fit since consumers now have shorter attention spans and less time. They’re constantly on the move, making them more attached to their mobile devices than ever before. They’re also savvier shoppers overall. Therefore, focused, purposeful, meaningful and concise messaging and execution proves most successful.

With in-store signage at the entry of every Meijer store and digital and email targeted to Meijer/Chinet consumers, as well as the low barrier to entry, the text-to-win sweepstakes received more than 3,100 entries in just 10 days.

The text-to-win mobile component of the campaign served as the in-store extension for the national campaign. An email blast was sent out to Club Chinet members informing them of the sweepstakes, presenting the CTA “Text MOVIE to 65047 for a chance to win a Backyard Movie Night prize package” or directing them to the entry form online.

The Classic White sales results for the first half of the year are not confirmed yet, but the text-to-win messaging campaign exceeded expectations, garnering 3,140 entries total in 200 stores in 10 days.

The brand enjoyed positive overall consumer response based on total participants and client satisfaction, not to mention three very happy winners.  Overall, this is a great example of how effective text to win can be for consumer product goods.

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Case Study: WUSA 9 TV Station Uses Text-to-Win to Run Weekly Sweepstakes

TV Station Uses Text-to-Win for Weekly Sweepstakes

“Washington DC’s Leading Local News” TV station, WUSA-9, wanted to create engaging sweepstakes that worked well on air and could promote their sponsors.

So how did they build excitement while keeping it easy to manage? By using Sweeppea’s text-to-win platform and awarding prizes every week. By running it weekly, they get their audience’s attention with a new prize each week. Plus, it’s a great way to add value for their sponsors.

Promoting it on air is as simple as telling viewers to text a sweepkey to 65047 to enter. (While mentioning that text & data fees apply.) Choosing winners with the automatic random winner picker also makes it easy for the station to run.


  • To create and promote weekly text-to-win sweepstakes on behalf of the TV station’s sponsors.
  • To quickly select and notify winners.
  • To gain a database of participants to re-market sponsor’s offers via text message and emails.

Promotional Channels:

  • Mentions and spots during the TV news program
  • Social Media promotion

Outcome (differs by sweepstakes):

  • Hundreds of participants enter.
  • Hundreds of new emails are collected for the station and/or its sponsors.

Prize: They differ by sweepstakes, but many are free tickets to events.

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