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Text to Win Ideas for Back to School Promotions

Back to school text to win promotions are one of the biggest opportunities of the year to engage the parents and students in your audience.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), back-to-school season is the second largest retail shopping holiday in the U.S. Even if your brand doesn’t directly offer any products or services that are school-related, you can still benefit by partnering with retailers that your audience loves.

Consider adding the following promotions to your upcoming text to win calendar:

Back to School Text to Win Ideas With a Twist

If you’re wondering how you can make your back to school promotion stand out, here are a few text to win sweepstakes ideas to help you get started:

1. Win Back to School Supplies Sweepstakes

School supplies are one of the most basic needs for kids going back to school. However, instead of just doing an ordinary school supplies kit consisting of notebooks, pencils and pens, add some really cool prizes to the package.

Add headphones, a tablet, gift cards for food or gaming sites or other items that will help make kids look cool at school if they win. They’ll also be more likely to post their prizes to social media if you make them interesting.

2. College Dorm Makeover Text to Win

If your audience includes college kids, you can offer a sweepstakes for a total dorm room makeover. If students win, supply them with new bedding, furniture accessories for added built-in storage, and more while giving them the option to redo the room in any style that they prefer.

3. Partner With Retailers

If there is a retailer that your audience loves and the company offers merchandise that is perfect for back to school, consider a partnership and hosting a weekly sweepstakes. You can even choose multiple retailers so that you can give away items from a different retailer each week to add variety and increase the number of entrants.

Finally, don’t forget about offering consolation prizes to non-winners. They’ll appreciate coupons or discounts.

Spanish Language Back to School Promotions

Before you finalize your text to win promotion, don’t forget that Sweeppea offers the option to do text sweeps in Spanish. According to the NRF, Hispanic parents outspend other back to school shoppers. This year, Hispanic parents are expected to spend $148 more than the average non-Hispanic shopper this year. Make sure to tap into this growing demographic to increase your sales.

Get your audience ready for back to school with a text to win from Sweeppea! To get started now, see features and pricing.