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Legal Services You’ll Need for a Text Sweepstakes

You’ve decided to launch a text sweepstakes for your brand. Now comes the hard part… managing the legal issues to ensure you’re in compliance.

Depending on the value of the prizes for your text to win, the location in which the promotion will be available, and entrant eligibility, there are various legal concerns you’ll need to address before you launch your text sweepstakes.

If you’re not sure what’s legally required, here’s a quick overview of the legal services you’ll need to limit risk and ensure you’re following the law…

Official Rules and Abbreviated Rules

The official rules and abbreviated rules for your text to win are some of the most important legal documents that you will draft for your promotion. These rules govern all aspects of your campaign from eligibility requirements to winner selection and prize delivery.

Registration and Bonding

In some states, if you plan to offer high-value prizes (worth more than $5,000), you must register and bond your promotion. There’s extra paperwork involved, but this ensures the sweepstakes prize is awarded as promised and entrants are protected.

Promotional Material Review

Before starting your campaign, it’s best to have an attorney review your promotional materials to ensure they contain all of the necessary legal language.

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Sweeppea’s Legal Services

While this might all seem doable for your business attorney, you really need a team that specializes in sweepstakes law. After all, compliance missteps could have serious implications, including lawsuits, fines, and even reputation damage.

Below is a complete list of the text sweepstakes legal services that we provide at Sweeppea to help you build a promotion that is legally compliant:

  • Legal Counsel
  • Official Rules Preparation
  • Legal Review of Your Own Official Rules
  • Abbreviated Rules & Disclaimers
  • Winner Affidavit & Liability Releases
  • Bonding & State Filing Registrations
  • Registrations & Compliance with State Alcohol Boards
  • Legal Review of Marketing & Advertising Materials
  • Industry Compliance Review
  • Indemnification & Insurance

If you’re still undecided about full service text sweepstakes management, this list should convince you that we have you covered.

Sweeppea makes it easy to launch your next text sweepstakes! To get started now, see features and pricing.