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What Should be Included in Text to Win Official Rules?

Are you ready to start your text to win promotion? Before you go any further, you’ll need to create your text to win Official Rules.

Not sure what to include? Here are some tips to help you get started.


Typically, text to win promotions are open to those over the age of 18 (or 21 for promotions sponsored by alcohol companies) for privacy and legal reasons.

In addition to age restrictions, you may also want to consider limiting the text to win to specific geographical locations to ensure that you can comply with all federal, state, and local laws in every location where entry is allowed.

Finally, employees and family members of employees of your company and the sponsor company are generally ineligible to win to eliminate potential claims of favoritism.

Start and End Dates

The start and end dates, known as the Sweepstakes Period, should be specified so that winners know when to enter so that their entries will be counted. For clarity, make sure to specify the day of the week and the date with the year, time, and time zone.

Stick to these dates even if you don’t receive the number of entries that you were hoping for so that you don’t run into trouble.

How to Enter

Entering by text message must be specified as one of the methods of entry. However, you must also specify an alternative method of entry (AMOE), which is usually a web sign up form.

Winner Drawing and Notification

Use this section to explain how you will pick a winner and how they will be told they won.

Make sure to specify how many winners will be selected and that the winners will be drawn randomly. You should also specify the exact dates when the winners will be selected.

Finally, let winners know all of the methods that you will use to notify them of a winning entry, such as SMS, mobile phone, and email.

Standard Text Messaging Disclosures

In this section, you will let entrants know that they are providing their consent and agreement to receive SMS messages by participating in the sweepstakes. Entrants should be notified that message and data rates may apply.

In addition, let them know that they are permitted to opt out at any time simply by replying STOP to any text message.

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Terms and Conditions

Finally, end your Official Rules with the terms and conditions that are not covered in the other sections of the Official Rules for your sweepstakes.

Here are some of the boilerplate clauses that you will need to include:

“No purchase necessary.”

“This Sweepstakes is void where prohibited.”

“Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received during the Sweepstakes Period.”

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What to Include in Official Rules for your Text to Win Sweepstakes