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Harvey’s Supermarket Uses Text-to-Win Platform to Connect with Customers via Mobile

Harvey’s Supermarket Uses Text-to-Win Platform to Connect with Customers via Mobile

Harvey’s Supermarkets knows that customers are on the go and glued to their mobile screens. So they asked “How can we reach them on their mobile phones?”

The answer… build excitement and buzz by offering a chance to win a $250 gift card each week with text to win! Customers also sign up to receive deals by text message from Harvey’s. All participants need to do to enter is text the word HARVEYS to the number 65047.


  • To build excitement and engagement at the stores.
  • Build a database of customers to send offers to via text message.

Promotional Channels:

  • In-store display and POS
  • Social Media promotion
  • FSI and direct mail shoppers


  • Hundreds of participants entered.
  • A new way for Harvey’s to reach their mobile customers.

Prize: Weekly winners receive a $250 gift card.

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Promoting a Concert or Music Festival? Promotional Ideas for Mobile

Concert promotion ideas using text to win

Concerts and music festivals need to be heavily promoted in order to be successful. While social media campaigns are a given, you can also promote your event with a text to win. You can use a text to win to not only attract more people to your event, but also to offer prizes and add to the experience for attendees.

The most important reason to consider it is because text bridges the gap between traditional media and mobile. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few ideas on how to use text to win to promote a concert or music festival.

1. Run a text to win and offer prizes.

Fans are already excited about seeing their favorite acts perform. You can really take the experience over the top by offering prizes that help them get even closer to their favorite performers. With a text to win, you could offer a chance to win VIP seats (as this comedian did), meet the band, go to a side event at the festival, get t-shirts or a basket of free items from the venue or performers.

2. Create a database of mobile numbers to send messages.

Marketing to festival attendees shouldn’t end once you get them to buy tickets. In fact, once you build a database of mobile numbers, you can send to them messages before, during or after the event. (See this post about the value of your text subscriber list.) By texting them during your event, you can measure engagement and keep things exciting by offering access to special venue features that only your mobile subscribers will know about.

3. Share links to exclusive content, such as video or audio downloads.

Want to drum up more shares and excitement? This is how you do it. By texting links to content before or after the event, you can give your event attendees something exciting to share with their friends, especially if it’s exclusive content. Once subscribers enter your text sweep, they will get any other texts you send leading up to the event. Just make sure you let them know they might receive other offers or exclusives when they sign up.

4. Alert them of future concerts or events later.

Let your subscribers know when their favorite acts are performing again.  They’ve already shown they’re interested by subscribing, right? Alert them of other upcoming events to leverage your marketing even further.

5. Ask them to download a venue or music app, if one is available.

Want to get more exposure for your music app? Just ask subscribers to sign up for it after they opt in to your text to win campaign. Or instead of having them look for your app, just tell them to “Text APP to 65047 to receive a download link” and capture their mobile number for future text (SMS) marketing efforts.

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Realtor Ron Howard Uses Sweeppea’s Text to Win Sweepstakes to Gain Leads

Realtor Ron Howard Uses Sweeppea’s Text to Win Sweepstakes to Gain Leads

Ron Howard and Associates was interested in generating leads during their sponsorship of the Canton Waterfront Park Summer Concert Series. Using Sweeppea’s text to win sweepstakes platform, they used a giveaway to attract concert fans and pre-qualify them for their interest in buying or selling real estate.

After entering by text, they were led to a web form that asked if they were planning on “Buying or selling a home in the next 2 months? Yes, No, or Maybe.” The form is part of Sweeppea’s web form builder, available to all customers.


  • A substantial list of pre-qualified leads for their sales team.
  • Hundreds of participants entered the sweepstakes
  • Hundreds of pre-qualified leads generated with mobile number and emails for follow up.

Prize(s): 4 VIP passes. Approximate retail value (ARV) of $400.

To get started with your own text-to-win, see our features and pricing.

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Honda Dealers Amp Up Excitement with Text Sweepstakes Campaign

Honda Dealers Amped Up Excitement with Text-to-Win

Honda Dealers of New England amped up excitement during hockey and football games by offering a chance to win a new car during their text sweepstakes campaign. Sports fans simply had to text to enter and also had a chance to win VIP tickets and more.

This case of a lead-generating text to win was a success for Honda Dealers who were looking to connect with young Millenials in the market. They also supported a charitable organization with a donation for each text received.


  • Generate leads for New England Honda Dealers and connect with potential customers.
  • To gain a database of participants to re-market offers via text message and email.

Car Dealers Use Text-to-Win to Appeal to Sports Fans

Promotional Channels:

  • Stadium signage at 10 Boston Bruins hockey games and 7 Boston College Eagles football games
  • Brand Ambassadors who actively engaged with fans

Honda Offers Chance to Win a Car During Bruins Hockey Games

Prize: Prizes included t-shirts, VIP tickets at the games and a chance to participate in the on-field throwing event to try to win a Honda.

Outcome: More than 1,000 sales leads were generated for the dealerships.

To get started with your own text-to-win, see features and pricing.

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How to Increase ROI for Your Mobile Sweepstakes

How to Increase ROI for Your Mobile Sweepstakes

An SMS sweepstakes is an effective promotion for your business to help you generate more leads, increase sales, and promote your brand. However, simply running a mobile sweepstakes won’t generate the results that you’re looking for unless you actively promote it to the right audience.

Here are some tips on how to increase ROI for your mobile sweepstakes.


Marketing can drive some serious traffic to your sweepstakes. Here are a few ideas that we’ve seen deliver real value for our clients:

  • Sweepstakes directories. Get your sweepstakes listed with sites like AnyLuckyDay, Online Sweepstakes, Sweepstakes Advantage, and Slickdeals Contests & Sweepstakes.
  • Blogging. Create a blog post about your SMS sweepstakes and share it via social media.
  • Email marketing. Mention your promotion in all of your email newsletter updates.
  • Viral video. Create a short clever or funny video to promote your SMS sweepstakes and upload it to YouTube.

Online Advertising

Advertise your mobile sweepstakes with social ads. You can also run paid display advertising with Google AdWords to increase brand awareness. Some businesses have also found in-app advertising to be highly effective since you can tap into users that are already on their phones.

Print Advertising

For brick and mortar stores, print advertising for your mobile sweepstakes will allow you to attract the attention of shoppers that are already browsing your store. An end cap display offers a prominent and highly effective way to feature your promotion. You can also create messages to include with your product packaging.


Press releases are a great way to advertise your mobile sweepstakes. Since Google changed its algorithm to include press releases in the news section of the search engine results, press releases now rank higher than ever.

When you write a press release to promote your mobile sweepstakes, make sure to include all of the details, such as the dates of your promotion, the available prizes, and eligibility factors to ensure that your press release is highly targeted to the audience of entrants that you’d like to attract.


A mobile sweepstakes also offers a great opportunity for you to partner with other brands. You can team up with another company to deliver a better prize that your company can offer on its own. In addition, a partnership also helps you to tap into your partner company’s audience, increasing the number of entrants for your mobile sweepstakes.

Ready to get started with your own text-to-win? See features and pricing.

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Are Text-to-Win Sweepstakes Legal in the US?

Are Text-to-Win Sweepstakes Legal? Find out...

Are you planning to offer a text sweepstakes, but  want to make sure that what you’re offering is actually legal? You’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve heard a little bit about sweepstakes, you already know that asking people to make a purchase in order to qualify to win your sweepstakes is illegal. But what is a text to win and is it really allowed?

Here is a brief explanation. Please note, the regulations discussed here apply to the United States only. If you’re planning to offer a text sweepstakes in other countries, we recommend you seek out legal counsel for further advice.

First, Make Sure You’re Not Running a Lottery

A lottery involves selling tickets and giving away prizes to ticket holders at random. In the U.S., lotteries are only allowed to be run by the government and several states don’t allow them at all.

A giveaway that requires a purchase therefore becomes an illegal lottery, which is not allowed in any state. Make sure you don’t require a purchase.

So What Makes it a Sweepstakes?

Typically when you offer a giveaway this is what’s known as a sweepstakes.

Here prizes are given away at zero cost to the entrants. Winners are selected randomly and there’s no consideration (or judging) involved in choosing a winner, only the luck of the draw. Think of it as a game of luck.

In most cases, it’s the consideration aspect of a promotion that can make your giveaway illegal, especially if you’re requiring participants to spend money.

This is why sweepstakes always includes the phrase ‘NO PURCHASE NECESSARY’ in the official rules.

What is a Text-to-Win?

A text to win or text sweepstakes is basically a sweepstakes done through the mobile text channel. The same sweepstakes rules apply, as well as text message marketing rules. The rules for text require disclosures and opt-ins to protect consumers. They’re different from sweepstakes rules, but still apply and need to be included when promoting the sweepstakes. 

So the answer to the original question is yes. A text-to-win sweepstakes is legal, as long as it follows sweepstakes regulations and text message marketing rules.

However, we still recommend you get advice from a lawyer before starting a promotion. You want to make sure you’re compliant and there may be industry regulations you’ll need to consider.

To get started with your own text-to-win, see features and pricing.

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How Long Should It Take to Set Up & Run a Mobile Sweepstakes?

How To Set Up & Run a Mobile Tex To Win Sweepstakes

Once you decide to run a mobile sweepstakes, you figure it should only take a day to get started, right? Well, yes and no. There are a few factors to consider when planning your sweep and deciding how long your it should run.

Here’s a quick guide to help you plan out your campaign.

Setting Up Your Mobile Sweepstakes

While you can reserve your Sweepkey and open an account in a few minutes, it usually takes 1-2 weeks for clients to set up and launch their sweepstakes. Keep in mind, this includes the time needed to create your official rules using the Sweeppea Official Rules Wizard, define your campaign parameters, customize your campaign entry form (if needed) and thank you page, and announce it on your promotional channels.

If you need to register/bond your sweep, print display materials or signage for stores, or set up ad campaigns, plan on at least a month for setup.

Running Your Mobile Sweepstakes

Depending on the environment (retail, online, etc.), mobile sweepstakes should run from 3 to 6 months. This gives you enough time to fully reach your audience.  Three months is a good time frame in most cases, but there are always exceptions for shorter event-based or longer (yearly) text-to-win sweepstakes.

If you’re trying to decide between a longer or a shorter sweep, opt for a longer one if it targets an older demographic or if you’re running a seasonal sweepstakes. If you’re offering an instant win prize that can be redeemed easily and doesn’t require much effort to deliver, then shorter is better.

Wrapping Up

Keep in mind, the campaign doesn’t end once you choose a winner. Depending on the prizes, you’ll need 1 to 2 weeks after the sweepstakes to wrap it up, contact and verify the winner, fulfill the prize and assess reports and results.

After the sweep is also a good time to think about what you’ll do with your mobile subscriber list. Sending offers and invites by text works well as a tactic to increase sales and turn participants into customers.

Now that you have a better understanding of what to expect, you can make sure you’ve covered all of the bases for a successful campaign.

To get started with your mobile sweepstakes, see our features and pricing.

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Webinar: How to Grab Customers by the Eyeballs with a Mobile Sweepstakes!

Learn how to grab more customers by the eyeballs with a mobile sweepstakes!

Learn how brands like King’s Hawaiian, Bud Light, Honda, and Maryhill Winery used Sweeppea’s text-to-win platform to increase sales, improve POS displays, gain end-cap space and give retailers a reason to push their products first.


  • How text-to-win sweepstakes work and how to use them to lift sales, increase engagement and improve retail floor space.
  • The sales and marketing results text-to-win sweeps have delivered for Kings Hawaiian, Bud Light, Honda and Maryhill Winery.
  • The average cost to run a text-to-win sweepstakes.

Join us Wed, May 4th at 2pm EST for a webinar: Register:

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Billy Crystal’s New Show Uses Sweeppea’s Text-to-Win for Event Promotion

Billy Crystal’s New Show Uses Sweeppea’s Text-to-Win for Event Promotion

Organizers of Spend the Night with Billy Crystal, the new show by the award-winning comedian, wanted to build excitement and buzz with a sweepstakes. To do this, they went mobile with a text-to-win offering tickets to the standup show. All participants needed to do was text the word BILLY to the number 65047 for a chance to win!


  • To promote Billy Crystal’s new standup show.
  • To build excitement and awareness for the event.
  • To gain a database of participants to re-market sponsor’s offers via text message and emails.

Promotional Channels:

  • Social Media promotion
  • Local advertising


  • Hundreds of participants entered.
  • Hundreds of new emails collected.

Prize: Five (5) winners each received two (2) tickets to the show.


To get started with your own text-to-win, see features and pricing.

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11 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Text-to-Win Software Platform

11 Questions to Ask Before Using a Text-to-Win Software Platform

Planning to run a text-to-win sweepstakes? Here are 11 questions to ask before using a text-to-win software platform.

1. Can you create your own entry page and can you brand it?

Not all text-to-win sweepstakes are text-based only. Adding an online entry form allows you to collect additional information like name, email, zip code, date-of-birth, address, etc. You should be able to customize and brand this form as well.

2. Can you customize the message recipients receive for confirming their entry?

After entering by text, everyone gets a confirmation message, which should be a custom message. If you’re told to use a default message or to include the platform’s name/branding, move on.

3. Can you do Instant Win?

Instant win is increasingly popular and should be an option. Our platform allows you to schedule the choosing of a random instant winner for every x number of participants or a single instant winner at a certain date/time.

4. Does the platform help you select a winner automatically?

The answer here should be “Yes!” With one setting, you can have the platform randomly pick a winner at a certain time and send a “you’ve won” text. You can select winners either manually or automatically with our software. Here are a few reasons why you might want to opt for automatic winner selection versus manual selection.

5. How does it handle winner notifications?

Your program should help notify the winner by text, automatically or manually. Sweeppea also offers a custom plan, which includes all of the tax forms, liability releases and affidavits required for sweepstakes winners. Contact us for more information.

6. Can you schedule your campaign to begin/end automatically?

There’s no need to wait ’til midnight to start/stop a campaign manually when our text-to-win platform can schedule it automatically. Once the end date and time passes, all post-end participants receive a message stating the sweeps has ended. 

7. Does the platform help with Official Rules?

This is one area where you’re often on your own. But not with us. We’re one of the only platforms to offer an Official Rules Wizard to help you create and host rules for your campaign. No sweepstakes should proceed without official rules in place. We can also arrange custom rules with sweepstakes administration and indemnification, if preferred, in our custom plan. 

8. Does it guide you in the legal aspects of texting?

While the legalities of running a sweepstakes are very important, their are legal rules for text messaging as well. Reputable platforms like ours will guide you on the notifications that are needed when running a text-to-win. For an overview, see our post on the legal rules of text message marketing.  

9. Does it handle registration and bonding?

Florida, New York and Rhode Island require bonding and registration for certain sweepstakes. If this is required for your campaign, consider our custom plan where we take care of it for you.

10. Is reporting available?

Everyone wants to see metrics, even for text-to-wins. You’ll find performance insights and reporting in our campaign reports.

11. What kind of help is available for setup and support?

What good is support when you have to wait 24 hours for a return email or phone call? When you work with us, we provide all of the setup and support you need. We offer one-on-one training and setup by phone or email. Our support team is also available by phone or email at any time.

These are basic answers you should have before working with any sweepstakes company, especially a text-to-win software platform. If you have other questions, contact us. We’d be happy to help. 

To get started with your own text-to-win, see our features and pricing.