Text to Win a FREAKCYCLE from Michael David Winery

Michael David Winery Text to Win Sweepstakes

Michael David Winery partnered with Sweeppea to launch their text to win sweepstakes promotion for the summer. The campaign entailed an in-store sweepstakes across multiple retailers with the objective of gaining preferential retail space for the product and to promote the Freakshow wine brand.

Michael David Winery increased orders from retailers and helped those retailers sell more cases by adding a text to win promotion to be featured in endcaps (see pic.) and special displays (see pic.). These end caps and displays gain attention and boost sales, while the text to win helps bring excitement to the brand and the retailer’s customers. It’s a win-win.

Michael David Winery Text to Win Promotion Display - sweeppea
Michael David Winery Text to Win Promotion In Store Display
Michael David Winery Text to Win End Cap Display - sweeppea
Michael David Winery Text to Win Promotion End Cap Displays


  • To create a fun and engaging text to win sweepstakes to promote the brand.
  • To gain preferential end-cap shelf space and product positioning with retailers.
  • Increase orders from retailers


  • Case orders increased

Prize: Five (5) winners a custom made Michael David Winery Freakshow wine “Freakcycle” bicycles.

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How to Draw Winners Automatically for Your Text to Win

Part of running a text to win is drawing winners. It’s the fun part and the good news is that you don’t have to do this manually.

Here is how Sweeppea can help you draw winners automatically for your text to win.

Use Sweeppea’s Winner Picker Tool

To make it easier, Sweeppea offers the option to automatically draw winners for your text to win with our winner picker tool. The winner picker tool not only automates drawing winners, it also allows you to choose more than one winner. So weekly or even daily winners can be drawn without you having to do it in real time.

Automatic drawings are simple and convenient. It also makes for one less aspect of your campaign that you have to directly manage.

Daily / Weekly Drawings

With Sweeppea, you’ll get full flexibility on how you draw winners for your text to win. You also don’t have to wait until the text to win is over to draw winners. In fact, you can draw them at any time during your campaign.

For example, if your text to win has daily or weekly winners, you can just schedule the drawings for daily or weekly under frequency. There’s even an option to draw winners on an hourly basis.

Announcing the Winners

Once the platform draws winners, it automatically sends a congratulatory “You’ve won!” message. You can customize the message to fit your needs. Don’t forget to announce your winners once you’ve confirmed them.

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Steps to Automatically Draw Winners

Follow these 7 steps to draw winners automatically for your text to win:

Step 1: From your dashboard, choose “Send Message,” then “Draw Winners.”

Step 2: Select the number of winners to be drawn.

Step 3: Set the frequency. You can draw winners live (at that moment), at a recurring time (hourly, weekly or monthly), or draw once at a scheduled date/time.

text to win automatic winners, sweeppea winner picker tool

Step 4: Write the “Congrats” text message that will automatically be sent to winners. (Don’t forget to tell them how to contact you.)

Step 5: Choose from other sending options, such as selecting from those who’ve opted out (not recommended), or drawing only from those who completed your entry form (recommended).

Step 6: Save your choices when finished. To see the winners that have been drawn, go to “Participants” and Groups in the left menu. There will be a separate group for winners.

Step 7: As a final step, check the sweeps end or expiration date (under Sweepkey Settings). The expiration date marks the end of the entry period. If you’re choosing winners only at the end (instead of weekly, for ex.), they should be chosen AFTER entries are closed or after the expiration date.

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Loyalty Apps Are Dying, How to Use SMS Instead

Mobile marketing is a powerful way to reach consumers. However, some brands are using an approach that is rapidly dying out: loyalty apps. Unfortunately, most loyalty apps simply aren’t effective.

Here’s why loyalty apps are dying and how you can use SMS instead.

Why Users Aren’t Interested in New Loyalty Apps

We hear a lot of local businesses, especially restaurants and retailers, want to create loyalty apps.

However, the truth is that people simply aren’t downloading new apps. Apps take up storage and data, which is something that most users simply aren’t willing to give up to random apps.

App development is also expensive. While the number of drag-and-drop applications for building apps is increasing, a cookie-cutter app won’t be enough to attract users and makes for a rather poor investment of your marketing dollars.

Finally, the app abandonment rate is extremely high. Roughly 80% of users stop using a new app after just 3 months.

Despite the number of apps that are downloaded to smartphones, the majority of them aren’t even retained for 24 hours. Only 3.2% of iOS apps and 3.3% of Android apps were still actively used 30 days after download, according to a survey done by AppsFlyer.

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All these factors indicate that loyalty apps are simply dying out. However, there is a solution: use SMS instead.

How to Reach Your Audience With SMS

By using SMS marketing to promote your brand you can reach your audience without them having to install any additional apps on their phones.

You’ll also eliminate the costs of updates and maintenance that come along with operating an app.

Best of all, you’ll be able to easily determine if your subscribers are engaging with your content without having to deploy any complex app analytics tools.

So how do you integrate SMS with your brand’s loyalty program?

To do this you can simply run a text to win from time to time. A text to win allows you to give away prizes and discounts to your audience while allowing you to build brand loyalty in the process.

Additionally, a text sweepstakes can also serve as data collection method that you can use for remarketing later on.

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Sports + Text Sweepstakes = Marketing Win

football tournament 2018, football, soccer world cup in russia

The World Cup is on right now which means it’s a great time to run a sports text sweepstakes. Here’s why a sports-themed text to win equals a big marketing win for your brand.

Cash In on the Excitement

With a big game coming up, use a text to win to capitalize on all of the excitement. Since most viewers tune into games via television or the internet, it’s fairly easy to obtain information about the demographics of sport fans. This will give you the information you need to know exactly which audiences to target with a text to win.

According to Nielsen, the NBA has the youngest audience, with 45 percent of its viewers under 35. In addition, the NHL audience has highest earning fans with one-third of viewers earning more than $100k as compared to about 19% of the general population.

Team Loyalty Translates to Brand Loyalty

Sports fans are extremely loyal to their teams. With customers who are willing to buy almost anything that their favorite teams promote, you can capitalize on their loyalty by aligning your brand with those teams.

As a result, fans may be more willing to enter your text to win because they know that your company has the backing of a sports brand that they already know and trust. In fact, Washington Gas & Light Energy used this exact approach to collect fan information for re-marketing efforts by hosting text to wins during the Washington Wizards basketball games.

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Sports Fans Love #Winning

Sports fans love winning sports gear or tickets to see their favorite teams play. When you give them an opportunity to win something team-related from your brand, it can only mean more #winning for your company.

However, take care in mentioning teams or championship games in your campaign if you’re not an official sponsor (e.g. Super Bowl). This could land you in hot water with regulators and potentially subject your company to a trademark infringement lawsuit.

If you aren’t able to directly align your text to win with a particular sports team, you can still giveaway sports-themed prizes, such as a tailgating kits or pre-game party gear. You may also consider partnering with a brand that has a team sponsorship so that you capture those sports fans from their audience.

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Contests Vs Sweepstakes Which Is Better for Your Biz?

Contests and sweepstakes are popular promotional tools for almost any brand or product. However, there are a few major differences between a contest and a sweepstakes.

Here are few of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of promotion to help you decide which option is better for your business.

Reach a Broader Audience With a Sweepstakes

If your goal is to real as many members of your audience as possible, there are a few reasons why a sweepstakes is the better choice.

First, a sweepstakes offers an easier method of entry in comparison to a contest. That is because entrants typically only have to enter a name, email address, phone number, and street address.

In contrast, a contest requires entrants to submit content that they’ve created themselves or have had to put in extra effort to locate, in addition to, their contact information. That means that it takes longer for an entrant to join a contest versus a sweepstakes.

As a result, when you run a sweepstakes you’ll always attract a broader audience.

No Judging Means Sweepstakes Are Easier to Manage

Unlike a contest, there’s no judging with a sweepstakes, so everyone has an equal chance of winning. Also, there’s no extra manual work needed to ensure that entrants submit valid and complete entries.

With fewer steps needed to identify winners, a sweepstakes requires less work on the part of your company to manage it.

Get Feedback on Your Brand With a Contest

Since users who participate in a contest have demonstrated a deeper connection to your brand, a contest creates the perfect opportunity to get feedback on your brand.

From the contest entries, you can review user-generated content that entrants submitted in order to get a better idea of how your customers perceive your brand.

You can also directly ask for feedback on your company by making a user survey part of the contest entry process.

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When to Use a Contest Versus Sweepstakes

The debate about whether a contest or sweepstakes is best for delivering results for your business isn’t only about your audience, it’s also about your environment.

Generally, a sweepstakes is faster to enter, making it ideal for events and in-store retail promotions. However, if you’re trying to grow your brand’s social media following, a contest has the potential to go viral.

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