The Ultimate Checklist for Text to Win Success

We’ve seen many text to wins during our time. And when we look at the top sweepstakes promotions, there are usually a combination of steps that led to their success.

These things aren’t exactly secrets. But some of them are often skipped or not well thought out. And there’s no reason for that. We want everyone to have these steps at their fingertips, because your success is ours as well.

That’s why we’re giving away the ultimate checklist

Ultimate Checklist for Text to Win Success

It’s a blueprint that’ll take you through each step of building a great text sweepstakes. From planning to execution and assessment, each step is included and in many cases has a link to more detailed information on our site.

Click to read it online or download it as a PDF: Ultimate Checklist for Text to Win Success

Here’s to your success on your next text to win!

Timing Your Text Message Sweepstakes for Seasonal Promotions

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Summer is coming to an end and now is the right time to prepare your business for a holiday text message sweepstakes. Here are some tips to help you plan.

Timing is Key

Improving the odds of success for your promotion is all about getting your sweepstakes in front of your audience at the right time. Begin months in advance to plan, promote, and execute a text sweepstakes. Everything should be ready to launch at least two months ahead to give you time.

Customers Shop Early for the Holidays

According to research by the National Retail Federation, roughly 40% of holiday shoppers start shopping before Halloween. When asked why they start so early, 61.9% reported that they did so in order to spread out their spending.

Another 51% of shoppers reported that they do it in order to avoid the stress and crowds that come along with last-minute shopping.

Plan Months in Advance for Holiday Sweeps

With this information in hand, it’s clear that you’ll want to start your text message sweepstakes around the same your customers start shopping.

To get ahead of your competitors and improve the chances that you reach your customers at the right time, you should plan months in advance, with your sweepstakes running during the month leading up to most holidays. For the Christmas holiday however, we recommend you start as early as September.

Remember, you want to make an impact during peak shopping periods before the actual holiday.

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Use the Extra Time to Promote Your Sweepstakes

Starting early means you’ll also have extra time to promote it. Take full advantage of the time leading up to your text sweepstakes to ensure that your customers know it’s coming.

Be Consistent & Agile

Above all, be consistent. Whether or not your text message sweepstakes changes significantly from year to year, if your customers expect a seasonal promotion from you, make sure you deliver it on time.

Also, review results both during and after the promotion. While you can’t change the sweepstakes mid-stream, you CAN increase marketing or digital advertising to get the results you need.

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Text to Win Ideas for Back to School Promotions

Back to school text to win promotions are one of the biggest opportunities of the year to engage the parents and students in your audience.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), back-to-school season is the second largest retail shopping holiday in the U.S. Even if your brand doesn’t directly offer any products or services that are school-related, you can still benefit by partnering with retailers that your audience loves.

Consider adding the following promotions to your upcoming text to win calendar:

Back to School Text to Win Ideas With a Twist

If you’re wondering how you can make your back to school promotion stand out, here are a few text to win sweepstakes ideas to help you get started:

1. Win Back to School Supplies Sweepstakes

School supplies are one of the most basic needs for kids going back to school. However, instead of just doing an ordinary school supplies kit consisting of notebooks, pencils and pens, add some really cool prizes to the package.

Add headphones, a tablet, gift cards for food or gaming sites or other items that will help make kids look cool at school if they win. They’ll also be more likely to post their prizes to social media if you make them interesting.

2. College Dorm Makeover Text to Win

If your audience includes college kids, you can offer a sweepstakes for a total dorm room makeover. If students win, supply them with new bedding, furniture accessories for added built-in storage, and more while giving them the option to redo the room in any style that they prefer.

3. Partner With Retailers

If there is a retailer that your audience loves and the company offers merchandise that is perfect for back to school, consider a partnership and hosting a weekly sweepstakes. You can even choose multiple retailers so that you can give away items from a different retailer each week to add variety and increase the number of entrants.

Finally, don’t forget about offering consolation prizes to non-winners. They’ll appreciate coupons or discounts.

Spanish Language Back to School Promotions

Before you finalize your text to win promotion, don’t forget that Sweeppea offers the option to do text sweeps in Spanish. According to the NRF, Hispanic parents outspend other back to school shoppers. This year, Hispanic parents are expected to spend $148 more than the average non-Hispanic shopper this year. Make sure to tap into this growing demographic to increase your sales.

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Text Sweepstakes for the Win in Concert Marketing

Text sweepstakes for the win in concert marketing

Matchbox Twenty and the Counting Crows are touring together to sing to their longtime fans around the country. And one of the ways their building excitement during the tour is by running text sweepstakes with ticket giveaways.

Sweeppea’s text to win platform made it easy with the last sweepstakes for the show at the Jiffy Lube Live amphitheater in DC. All fans had to do to enter was text the word MTCC to the number 65047 for a chance to win.

Concert marketers self-managed the promotion, used our winner picker tool to automatically draw winners for the text to win and ran a successful campaign overall.


  • To promote the tour leading up to the show date
  • To build excitement and awareness
  • To gain a database of participants to re-market offers via text message and email

Promotional Channels:

  • TV channel spots
  • Social Media promotion
  • Local billboard advertising


  • Hundreds of participants entered
  • Hundreds of new emails were collected

Prize: Five winners each received two (2) tickets to see the show.

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The Pros & Cons of Working With a Celebrity on a Text Sweepstakes

Celebrities and brands love positive press. In fact, that’s what makes a celebrity endorsement such a popular method of improving visibility for a text sweepstakes promotion.

Here are the pros and cons of involving a celebrity in your promotion and some tips on how to do it successfully.

There are many benefits to including a celebrity in your next text to win. Namely, you can:

  • Improve the profile of your brand by adding star power. If you’re brand is a little-known company or recent startup, hiring a celebrity to endorse your promotion can give you the recognition that you need to go mainstream.
  • Tap into the celebrity’s audience. Attract new customers that you wouldn’t have had access to without the celebrity endorsement.

Here are a few tips to make sure that your text sweepstakes goes as planned:

Choose an Appropriate Celebrity for the Promotion

In the same way that you want to make sure that you select prizes that match your brand, it’s also important that you choose the right celebrity to endorse your promotion.

For example, if your brand is sports-related, you would likely benefit from hiring a star athlete to promote your text sweepstakes. On the other hand, a reality star wouldn’t make much sense given the fact that the star’s audience probably isn’t all that interested in your products.

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When to Include the Celebrity

Now that you’ve decided which celebrity you want to involve in your text sweepstakes, the next question becomes when they should be included in the promotion. You’ll need to decide if you want them to appear as a part of the prize or simply in the advertising for the campaign.

However, you should also be aware of the cons of hiring a celebrity:

  • The celebrity’s reputation can impact your brand. If the celebrity gets into trouble, your brand becomes collateral damage. Make sure that you thoroughly review the celebrity’s history to ensure that there aren’t any brand safety issues. You should also make sure that you have a contingency plan in place to protect your brand in the event that a scandal arises.
  • Star power can overshadow your brand. Stay in control over your brand by making sure that the celebrity sticks to the message that you’re trying to convey.

Above all, working with a celebrity on a text sweepstakes can deliver exceptional results for your business. Be sure to manage the associated risks and plan your campaign carefully so that you’re alway in control.

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