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Promote Your Text to Win on Instagram for a Bigger Win

If you’re looking for a social platform to promote your text to win, consider Instagram first. In the past few years, Instagram has grown in popularity given that it’s primarily used posting photos and videos.

On the other hand, Facebook has declined in popularity compared to Instagram because it’s too complicated to use and younger users don’t want their content to be seen by parents.

While you might’ve considered Facebook as the primary social network for promoting your text to win, you can actually get better results with Instagram. Here are 5 reasons why Instagram is the best place to promote your text to win.

1. Instagram Is a Mobile-First Platform

As a result of Instagram being a mobile-only platform in its early days, it’s no surprise that Instagram continues to deliver a higher quality mobile experience than Facebook. Given that 80 percent of social media content is consumed via mobile devices, Instagram gives you a significant advantage in promoting you text to win as compared to other social platforms like Facebook.

2. Instagram Is Growing in Popularity Among Gen Z and Millennials

The Infinite Dial study from Edison found that Facebook usage declined sharply among younger Millennials and Gen Z users as Instagram and Snapchat usage increased between 2017 and 2018. As of 2018, 22% of social media users between ages 12-34 were reported to use Instagram the most out of all social networks.

3. Instagram’s Stories Feature Is #1

When Instagram decided to implement the “stories” feature, it quickly took off and became much more popular than Snapchat’s version. Instagram’s version is also much more popular than Facebook Stories given that the integration between Facebook News Feed and Facebook Stories isn’t as well-developed.

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4. Instagram Is Brand-Friendly

As Facebook’s display algorithm for its News Feed has evolved, it’s now nearly impossible for businesses to achieve organic reach on the platform. In contrast, Instagram has been a lot more friendly to brands overall whereas Facebook prefers that brands only use Facebook Ads. Users are also much more willing to engage with branded and sponsored content on Instagram than they are on Facebook.

Here is an example of a branded Instagram post that our client HIPPEAS used with their Summer of Love text to win:

Hippeas snack brand uses text to win

5. Content Discovery Is Easy on Instagram

Instagram users rely on hashtags on the platform, which has made it easier for users to discover content that they like. The platform also offers an Explore tab which categories photos and videos into different topics.

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