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Marketing Lessons Learned from a Superhero

We’ve been fortunate to get a closeup view of the promotion for a blockbuster superhero movie, as Sweeppea ran the text sweepstakes.

After watching the success of the promotion, and seeing the movie itself, we realized there were good marketing leadership lessons. Here are a few…

Consistency brings rewards.

When our superhero’s mother  decides to return to Atlantis to protect the family, his father vows to visit the pier each day at sunrise to await her return from the sea. After many years, his discipline is rewarded when she returns to him.

Whether you’ve been in business for 20 years or only 2, marketing consistency and discipline should remain just as constant throughout. All marketing efforts should convey the same core values, the same branding, and the same commitment to serving your customers.

Fulfill your goal or complete the quest to achieve success.

To gain the respect of his people and to ascend the throne, our hero had to find and wield the sacred Trident of Atlan. This was a long journey, with many challenges along the way, before reaching success.

In the same way, your company must fulfill its own quest. This means all campaigns, even sweepstakes promotions, should have individual goals that work towards reaching the overall goal for your business. Only then can you see (and measure) success.

Go beyond personal (or business) gains. Make it a win for all, including customers.

Our hero is ultimately the one true king of Atlantis because of his courage and readiness to protect the people of both land and sea.

Similarly, your marketing efforts can’t be solely self-serving. Part of your business’s mission is to serve and provide for its customers and, more broadly, the community in which it operates. Be transparent about the fact that you have more than your own interests in mind.

These lessons are a good reminder of the values deemed important, both in business and in life.