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4 Ways to Promote Your Sweeps Winners

Encouraging your followers to engage with your text to win involves a strategy that is designed to maintain their interest even after the sweeps winners have been selected. If you want to create an active list of subscribers, you need to be proactive.

Here are 4 ways to promote your sweeps winners that will help keep entrants interested in your campaign, even if they don’t win.

1. Announce Winner Selection Via Text

Your entrants are all waiting earnestly in anticipation of the end of your text sweepstakes. So you shouldn’t keep them waiting when it comes to letting them know the winner has been selected.

As soon as the winner is chosen for your sweepstakes, send a text message to announce the selection. You don’t have to include the name of the winner. Instead, simply thank everyone who didn’t win for entering.

2. Offer a Consolation Prize

As a part of your thanks for entering winner announcement, offer a small discount on your company’s products or services. By following up with consolation prizes, you’ll leave non-winning entrants with a positive experience.

Consolation prizes sent via text provide the perfect opportunity to gauge whether entrants are interested in future promotions from your brand. At this stage, you’ll be able to identify the entrants that are truly fans of your brand versus the people who only entered for the prizes.

3. Take As Many Photos of the Winners and Prizes As Possible

If the winner of your text to win has to pick up the prize in person, make sure you set up a photo op. Take photos of winners with prizes for social media and your website. (Make sure to get a release signed.) You can also include the photos in your email newsletter for additional exposure.

Even if you plan to mail the prize to the winner or it’s a prize they claim online, ask if they can take a photo with the prize and/or write a testimonial about their experience with your text sweepstakes or make it part of the terms and conditions for accepting the prize.

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4. Promote Daily Winners on Facebook and Instagram

If you’re running an ongoing sweep, make sure to post daily winners to your Facebook or Instagram page. Post the most recent winner’s name and the prize they won. Make sure you also provide a link to the sweepstakes entry page and a link to your site so potential entrants can see the prizes that are available to win.

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