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Contests vs Text Sweepstakes: Which is Better for Your Business?

Deciding between a text sweepstakes or a contest.

Contests and sweepstakes are virtually the same, right? Wrong. ROI is a major consideration when you are trying to decide whether to run a text sweepstakes or contest.

The major difference is that contest winners are chosen by judges based on skill or criteria, while sweepstakes winners are chosen randomly. This difference could have a big impact on the ROI of your campaign.

So which is best for your brand?

Read on for some important factors when deciding which is better for your business.

The Hidden Costs of Contests

The first thing to consider is that contests take more effort to enter compared to any sweepstakes, especially text sweepstakes. That’s because contests ask entrants to create content, such as photos or videos, to enter. Only some may be willing to put in that kind of effort or even have access to the resources needed to enter.

In addition, your contest may be limited by social media’s walled garden. If your contest is on Facebook, for example, you miss reaching people who aren’t on the network (like many Millenials). We won’t even get into how algorithms are throttling your ability to reach your audience on Facebook or Instagram.

Also, many contests aren’t truly mobile-friendly. Have you tried  to create and edit a video on your phone for a contest submission? It’s not always seamless.

So the hidden cost is time. Believe it or not, time is an important factor in a person’s decision to enter. And if they decide the cost of their time is too high, they won’t enter, which reduces your results as well.

Entering a Text Sweepstakes is Virtually Effortless

If you are just starting out with trying to find the right audience for your product or service, running a contest adds an extra layer of time and complexity that needs to be considered.

A text sweepstakes, however, is effortless in comparison. Since entering a mobile number and name is all people need to enter, the time cost is much less and you can expect a higher number of entries.

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As another benefit, a text sweepstakes also requires less investment because you won’t need to worry about judging the quality of the entries as you would have to with a contest.

If you’re still unsure about which to choose, think of it this way: a contest allows you to put a few fishing hooks into the water while a text sweepstakes allows you to cast a wide net.

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Consumers Love SMS, Yet Marketers Aren’t Taking Advantage of It

sms marketing, texting, text to win

Millions of Americans spend a lot of time texting on their phones. So why aren’t you using SMS to reach your customers? SMS marketing is a no-brainer, but many businesses still aren’t taking advantage of it.

According to Charles Golvin, research director, Gartner for Marketers, “SMS remains an effective, yet underutilized, mobile tactic among marketing leaders.” He also mentions that it’s particularly valuable when used to create a deeper level of customer engagement.

The Gartner 2016 Digital Channel Survey also found that 61% of mobile marketers surveyed don’t use SMS marketing and a third of these companies have no plans to invest in it in the coming 12 months.

So now that you know your competition probably isn’t using SMS marketing, it’s time for you to take advantage of this wide-open opportunity. Here are two important reasons why you need to start using SMS marketing in 2018:

SMS Has the Greatest Reach of Any Marketing Medium

SMS is so widely used because it’s a native feature of every cell phone. In fact, no other messaging medium has the reach that SMS has. That’s because every mobile phone is capable of sending and receiving SMS messages. Subscribers don’t even need to have a smartphone or a data plan to use SMS.

High Read and Response Rates

Various sources have confirmed that the SMS open and response rates are as high as 98% and 45%, respectively. This is because the average user typically receives far fewer text messages than they might receive emails or social media updates. As a result, SMS users actually see all of the messages they receive.

How to Start Using SMS Marketing Now

There are several ways to use SMS marketing to promote your business. However, if you want to start testing it out, one of the best ways to do this is with a text to win or SMS sweepstakes campaign. A text to win campaign is a short-term promotion that you can set up quickly with Sweeppea.

If you want to start a text to win campaign to increase customer engagement, here are some tips to follow:

  • Identify specific opportunities to promote your business via SMS. You should choose campaigns that you can use to deliver value to your audience during peak value moments.
  • Use Sweeppea. Sweeppea can help you create SMS marketing campaigns that are specifically designed to maximize your success. In addition, we’ll help you address the various concerns that come with running an SMS sweepstakes campaign, including official rules, registration and bonding and others.

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Gen X in Your SMS Sweepstakes

generation x man with smartphone texting

Are you marketing to Generation X with your SMS sweepstakes and other promotions? If not, you’re not alone. Somewhere along the way, marketers skipped them and went from Baby Boomers to now focusing nearly all of their efforts on Millennials.

Generation X generally refers to people born in the 1960s and 1970s. Although these consumers are in their prime earning years, from late-30s to mid-50s, this age group isn’t being targeted very much.

This is a big mistake for brands because Gen Xers actually bring in a lot of revenue given their stellar stats as a consumer group. Here are a few of the top reasons why you shouldn’t ignore Gen X in your SMS sweepstakes.

1. They’re 65 Million Strong

While Generation X might not be as large as Baby Boomers and Millennials in terms of numbers, they’re still quite a large group. Pew Research found that there are 65 million Xers as compared to 77 million Baby Boomers and 83 million Millennials.

2. They’re Tech Savvy

Generation X experienced early adulthood before smartphones and the internet became the norm. As a result, they still consume traditional media. According to Forrester Research, 48% still listen to the radio, 62% read newspapers and 85% have favorite TV shows.

However, they do adopt new technology at a much higher rate then Baby Boomers and are comfortable with email, as well. A survey by Millward Brown Digital found 60% use a smartphone every day and 75% use social networks regularly.

This means you can promote your text to win to this market through traditional channels, while also providing the convenience of text. We also suggest using a web form to collect emails from them for email marketing.

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3. They’re Homeowners

Gen X has a home ownership rate of approximately 82%, according to research from MetLife. Unlike Millennials, they’re also well-established in their careers and family life, which creates more opportunities for them to spend their disposable income with your business.

4. They’re Loyal to Brands

According to eMarketer, Xers have the highest rate of brand loyalty in comparison to other generations at 70%. That’s great news. Because if you use your SMS sweepstakes to introduce them to your business and they have a good experience, there’s a much higher chance they’re likely to stick around and become loyal customers.

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Your Text to Win Checklist for Legal Rules

Your Text to Win Checklist for Legal Rules

If you plan to run a text to win, you’ll want to double-check the legal aspects of your promotion before it goes live. To help you with this, we’ve put together a text to win checklist.

When it comes to rules and compliance, keep in mind this isn’t legal advice. The only way to ensure your sweepstakes is in compliance with all applicable laws is to have it reviewed by an attorney.

1. Official and Abbreviated Rules

Every text to win needs to have a set of official and abbreviated rules that have been reviewed for compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations. Sweeppea provides an Official Rules Wizard that you can use to quickly create official rules for your text to win campaign.

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2. Privacy Policy

A privacy policy informs your entrants on how you will collect and use the personal information you request from them. The privacy policy may be contained in your official rules or you can also link to it from the landing page of your promotion.

3. Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for your text to win should be clearly defined in your official rules. For example, if residents of Arizona that are 21 or older are the only people that your text to win is open to, you must include this in the eligibility requirements section of your official rules. You could run into legal problems if someone who is not eligible to win enters and you don’t award the prize to them.

4. Text Disclaimer

A text disclaimer (e.g. “Message and data rates may apply.”) lets your entrants know that they may be additional charges from their wireless carrier for the text messages that they receive as a result of entering your text to win. They may also may incur data charges if you send them links to click on as a part of your campaign.

5. Alternative Method of Entry (AMOE)

Every text to win needs to have an AMOE other than SMS. Sweeppea makes it easy for you to set up a Web Entry Form so that users can enter your text to win via web as well.

6. Promotional Details

Make sure to include a start date and end date in your official rules, as well as, the number of entries that each person or household may submit. You should also explain how the winner will be chosen and the date and time for when the winner will be selected.

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How to Know if You Need Text to Win Sweepstakes Management

When do you need text to win sweepstakes management?

You’re getting ready to plan your sweeps, but the more you think about your campaign, the more you want a done-for-you service. Enter text to win sweepstakes management.

We understand. There are quite a few rules and best practices to ensure everything runs smoothly and it gets even more complicated in certain industries.

Not sure? Here are a few ways to determine if you need full-service text to win sweepstakes management.

You’re Not Sure How to Maximize Your ROI

This is one of the biggest areas where we can help. We have the experience under our belt to know what has worked and how to handle campaigns in various industries. We’ll also give you solid marketing tips, to ensure your campaign is a good promotional vehicle for your business.

Need Compliance Help or Overall Help

Making sure your text to win is compliant can be a big task, especially in certain industries like alcoholic beverages. Depending on the setup, your sweep might also need customized options or forms. Do have the resources to carry this out?

With full-service text to win sweepstakes management, this will be taken care of for you, including setup, official rules creation, registration, and state approvals for beverage brands.

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Your Sweepstakes is Ongoing

Year-long sweepstakes are fun, but a bit more complicated. If you’re planning to run your sweepstakes on an ongoing basis, perhaps for an entire season or year, you’ll have to notify numerous winners and arrange prize fulfillment. To ensure everything gets done as it should, turn to a full-service option like text to win sweepstakes management. It’s the best way to keep your campaign running smoothly.

What You’ll Get With Sweeppea Full-Service Management

With our sweepstakes management service, everything will be taken care of for you. All you’ll have to worry about is promoting your campaign to your audience. We’ll take care of the rest.

And it’s more than just checking off a list of tasks. It’s about increasing the efficiency and ROI of your sweepstakes campaign.

Here is a breakdown of the services you’ll receive with our full-service help:

  • Advice during conceptual development
  • Sweeppea account setup
  • Official & abbreviated rules creation
  • State approvals for alcohol sponsors
  • Compliance review of your advertising materials
  • Registration & bonding for your sweepstakes where required by law
  • Sweeps management
  • Drawing and verification of the winners
  • Publicity & liability releases for winners
  • Winner’s list publishing
  • Distribution of IRS 1099 Forms to winners
  • Prize fulfillment

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Biggest Text Sweepstakes Fails

Biggest Text Sweepstakes Fails

While we’re all for saving money, sometimes cutting corners on your text sweepstakes can really cost you. Unfortunately, not executing your text to win in the most advantageous way possible can mean that the hard work that you put in could go to waste.

To help you avoid falling into these traps, we’ve listed some of the biggest text sweepstakes fails.

Not Having Official Rules

Here at Sweeppea, we see this all the time. Companies think they that they are saving time and money by not creating official rules but it can hurt them in more ways than one. Firstly, having official rules protects your company against complaints and lawsuits from your text to win entrants.

Secondly, you could actually be breaking the law if you are not clearly outlining what the rules are for your campaign. Let’s say you’re a craft beer brewery but you didn’t write official rules that say only entrants over 21 are permitted to enter your text to win. You’re going to be in big trouble with regulators!

For another example of “no official rules” gone wrong, consider what would happen if a contest winner was unable to claim their prize for whatever reason. Then who would receive the prize? If you don’t want to get fined, shut down or end up in court being sued, always have official rules.

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Offering a Prize No One Really Wants

You saved money on a prize by offering a lifetime supply of weed killer to people who have ordered from your landscaping company. How exciting, right? Wrong!

When you make the mistake of offering a prize that no one actually cares about winning just to save money, you’ll only hurt your text sweepstakes campaign in the end. What will happen instead is that you won’t see as many entrants for your campaign as you would if your prize was actually something they wanted, such as a complete backyard landscaping redesign for a lucky winner or free lawn maintenance for a month.

Even if offering a prize, such as a vacation or new car isn’t viable for your industry, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put any effort into coming up with an idea for a prize that will really get your customers excited about entering your text sweepstakes.

Not Using a Web Entry Form to Collect More Information

Every sweepstakes needs an alternative method of entry other than SMS as a general rule. In addition, you also need to collect additional information, such as your entrants email addresses if you want to continue to market to them after your sweepstakes has ended.

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Citgo and the City of Houston Use Sweeppea’s Text to Win Platform for 4th of July Sweepstakes

Texas City & Oil Company Use Text to Win Platform for July 4th Event

To celebrate 30 years of July 4th music, fireworks and fanfare on the Buffalo Bayou in the city of Houston, TX, Citgo used Sweeppea’s text to win platform to launch and manage their sweepstakes. The sweepstakes was promoted during the event and awarded winners every hour during the celebration. All participants had to do to enter was text the word CITGO to the number 65047 for a chance to win Citgo gas cards.


  • To build excitement and brand affinity during the event.
  • To gain a database of participants to re-market sponsor’s offers via text message and emails.

Promotions Channels:

  • In-venue advertising


  • Hundreds of participants entered.
  • Hundreds of new emails were collected.

Prizes: 20 Citgo gas cards were awarded to 20 winners.

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Quicken Loans Runs National Text To Win Sweepstakes

Text to Win Sweepstakes Promotes Quicken Loans Tournament Event

The Quicken Loans National pro golf tournament on the PGA Tour used Sweeppea’s text to win sweepstakes platform to launch their sweepstakes and promote their event. To enter, all participants had to do was text the word QUICKEN to the number 65047 for a chance to win tickets.


  • To promote the event.
  • To build excitement and awareness.
  • To gain a database of participants to re-market sponsor’s offers via text message and emails.

Promotions Channels:

  • TV channel spots
  • Social Media promotion
  • Local billboard advertising


  • Hundreds of participants entered.
  • Hundreds of new emails were collected.


Two (2) winners received four (4) DELTEK Capital Club tickets to the Quicken Loans National (ARV: $400 per ticket). Two (2) winners received four (4) Rocket Mortgage Mad House tickets for the Quicken Loans National (ARV: $85 per ticket). Six (6) winners received two (2) Ground tickets for Wednesday July 2 (ARV: $50 per ticket).

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Text to Win Features You Might Not Know About

Text to Win Features You Might Not Know About

Even if you’ve used Sweeppea to run a text to win campaign before, chances are good you don’t know about everything the platform has to offer. Turns out, these features can actually help you get started faster and maximize your results.

Here’s a round up a few of Sweeppea’s most helpful features…

Official Rules Wizard

All sweeps must have rules in order to be legal. Our Official Rules Wizard allows you to set up all of the basic rules you need to run your text to win, including the prize description, drawing date, eligibility, and liability clauses. You also have the option to upload your own rules.

We always recommend consulting with an attorney, but the Official Rules Wizard can get you up and running faster, with a draft you can use as a starting point.

Web Entry Form

When you run a text to win, you are required by law to have an Alternative Method of Entry (AMOE), which gives people the option to enter your sweep without having to make a purchase or agree to text message charges.

To help you meet this requirement, Sweeppea offers the Web Entry Form. While the web entry form is useful simply for getting new participants to sign up, it also has another added benefit: data collection.

With the Web Entry From, you can gather additional data from your participants, including their email addresses, names, date of birth and other data so you can build a list of prospects for future promotions.

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Sweeppea’s campaign data reports allow you to get metrics on your campaign including total participants, click-thru on links, opt-outs, total texts sent vs received, demographic information, geo-location and maps.

You can also track your conversions from the entry page and traffic sources to help you uncover which marketing channels are delivering the best traffic for your campaign.

We make it easy for you to keep track of your campaign, even when you aren’t logged in, with monthly activity reports sent to your inbox. We also offer a Participants List Download, which includes over 15 data points about the participants in your campaign.

What else is included? To get to know Sweeppea and start your text to win, see features and pricing.

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Knock, Knock. It’s the Sweeps Police. How to Keep Your Text Sweepstakes Out of Trouble

Knock, Knock. It's the Sweeps Police. How to Keep Your Text Sweepstakes Out of Trouble

Do you want your text sweepstakes to be successful? A surprising number of business owners still don’t follow the rules when it comes to text sweepstakes. 

Avoid legal headaches and take this advice. Here, we cover common issues to help you keep your text sweepstakes out of trouble and away from the attention of regulators.

1. Always use official rules… and don’t change them once the sweep begins.

When it comes to official rules, always have official rules in place before you start your first campaign. While Sweeppea has templates available for you to use, it is best for you to have an attorney review your rules as well. This is to ensure you have covered all potential risks to your business.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should never change the rules once your sweepstakes begins. Not only will changing the official rules cause confusion for your entrants, it could also open you up to legal liabilities.

2. Follow rules for sweepstakes AND text messaging.

Being aggressive in your marketing efforts might usually be a good strategy to boost your sweepstakes. But not so fast… follow the rules so you don’t land in hot water with the FCC or the FTC.  

The FCC regulates SMS programs under Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the U.S. You’ll need to understand how these laws apply to your campaign and the disclosures you’re required to make.

Keep in mind also that certain industries and states have their own rules for sweepstakes as well. Alcohol brands, for example, have to get their sweeps pre-approved in certain states.

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3. Make sure to bond or register your sweep when it’s required.

Some states require you register your text sweepstakes if the prizes are valued over a certain dollar amount. This is why we encourage clients to keep prizes under $5,000 in value. Check to see if you have to bond your sweepstakes. Keep in mind that these states also have an advanced deadline for taking care of these issues, so make sure you don’t leave things until the last minute or it could derail your entire campaign.

4. Understand what “no purchase necessary” really means.

While the spirit of sweepstakes involves free entry, the phrase “no purchase necessary” doesn’t actually mean that entrants can’t buy something in order to enter. For new products or brands with loyalty programs, you can actually encourage a purchase with entry, as long as you also have a free method of entry (AMOE). A Sweeppea text-to-win can also act as an AMOE.

Take this advice to heart. By following a few rules, you can benefit from the advantages of running a text sweepstakes, while avoiding any legal issues.

Build a better text sweepstakes with Sweeppea! To get started now, see features and pricing.