4 Ways to Boost Your Text to Win Sweepstakes Marketing

Many marketers think of text sweepstakes as short-term, one-time interactions between brands and consumers. However, you can get much more value from sweepstakes marketing if you look out additional marketing opportunities every time you create a new text to win promotion.

Here are four ideas to help you turn text to win campaigns into ongoing marketing tools that work hard to increase the profile of your brand.

1. Position Your Sweepstakes As Loyalty Rewards

Are your customers enrolled in a loyalty program with your brand? Some probably are while others aren’t. However, it’s not enough to simply create a loyalty rewards program. You have to keep your audience engaged. By positioning your sweepstakes as one of the perks of being an exclusive member of your loyalty rewards program, you can boost your brand whenever you run a text sweepstakes.

In addition to the rewards that customers ordinarily gain from a loyalty program, a text to win drives excitement for your brand. A sweepstakes will also attract new members to your loyalty program.

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2. Use Your Text Sweepstakes to Introduce Consumers to New Marketing Channels

You’ve managed to get entrants to sign up for your text sweepstakes. Now you need to make the most of it. Encourage your entrants to follow you on social media. You can also use your follow-up text messages to promote offline marketing initiatives.

Use your text sweepstakes to get customers to join you on all of the marketing channels where you haven’t yet connected with them.

3. Learn Your Audience’s Demographics and Behaviors

Every text to win campaign that you run has different target markets and goals. As a result, you should use the collective data to gather more insights into your audience’s demographics and behaviors.

Find out their preferences and how they like to interact with your brand. This will allow you to move away from one-size-fits-all giveaways and instead create customized text sweepstakes based on your audience’s preferences.

4. Run Equally Exciting Text to Win Campaigns Regularly

Many brands tend to go with large prizes in order to stand out among the competition. However, when it comes to text sweepstakes, the frequency of your campaigns matter most. Instead of a yearly sweepstakes with a large, grand prize, consider doing multiple sweepstakes with smaller prizes throughout the year.

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Frequent sweepstakes campaigns give you more opportunities to build your relationship with your audience. Use them to educate and gather data about your sweepstake audience and existing customers.

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Does Your Text Sweepstakes Pass the Mom Test?

Have you given your text sweepstakes the “Mom Test?” If not, this simply means you should think about how your mom might react when you talk to her about your text to win campaign.

If she’s excited and ready to sign up, then you’ve passed. But if she’s confused and doesn’t really understand what you’re saying, then maybe it’s time to rethink some things.

Why does this matter?

Think of moms as the average consumer. If your mom gets it, your audience will too. Here are three features every text sweepstakes should have to ensure it passes the “Mom Test.”

Easy to Understand

What are you giving away and why are you doing it? Big prizes are meaningless unless consumers can see the benefits. Make sure your audience can see the clear connection between your text to win promotion and your brand.

If you’ve gotten it right, when you describe your sweepstakes, mom will say, “Wow, that sounds exciting. How can I enter your text sweepstakes?”


Do your prizes actually appeal to your audience? Will you be able to attract paying customers for your company from your follow-up marketing messages?

Your text sweepstakes needs to create a desire in your audience that will drive them to enter. In the same way that moms are often on the lookout for good deals, your text to win should immediately stand out as a promotion your audience will want.

On the flip side, you don’t a free prize to be their only motivation. Your prizes should also be relevant to your brand so that entrants want to know more about or feel like it’s a good opportunity to try it.

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Moms may or may not be tech savvy, but they often get into text messaging because of their kids. In this way, text sweepstakes appeal to moms because they’re easier to enter than social media and mail-in sweepstakes.

As you design your creatives for your text to win campaign, make sure  you emphasize how easy it is to enter. In the same way you might explain a complicated tech concept to your mom, break down the steps to entering so that entrants can sign up as quickly as possible.

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What’s the Outlook for Sweepstakes in 2019?

Is sweepstakes marketing slowing down in 2019? Nope. Thanks to the rise of social media and text to win, there has been an explosion in the use of sweepstakes marketing in recent years. And we expect it to continue in 2019.

When you compare the marketing methods companies use, sweepstakes are still up there and still a viable way to engage consumers and build brand awareness. With a sweepstakes, there is no requirement to purchase and the campaign is easy to promote, both online and off.

Social media and SMS text have made it easier than ever to run a sweepstakes, so if it seems like almost every company is doing it, you’re not wrong. It used to be a tactic for only large brands that could afford to give away large prizes. That’s no longer the case. 

So are consumers getting over-saturated with sweepstakes?

Absolutely, not. While there is more competition for attention, brands are still using it as a valuable tool and consumers are still happy to enter. Also, with each sweeps targeting a specific audience, consumers are only likely to see campaigns in their market or for brands they’re following. 

Sweepstakes are still a popular and a valuable tactic that will continue to be used by many brands in 2019 and beyond. However, creativity is key if a company wants to stand out.

Consider these strategies to benefit your brand in a unique way:

Reposition Your Brand With Customers

A sweepstakes offers an opportunity for you to get customers to think differently about your brand. After updating your brand, running a text to win can get new customers interested in your brand who might have never considered your product or service previously.

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Turn Your Sweepstakes into a Loyalty Program

With sweepstakes that offer small prizes, you can run the sweepstakes on a regularly basis which essentially creates a loyalty program for your business. By giving your entrants more opportunities to win, you can identify customers who are the most loyal to your brand.

Use it as a lead-in to your loyalty email list or loyalty app and continue the conversation there. 

Tie Your Story to Your Sweepstakes

Don’t just let customers know about your prize. Create a story that shows how the prize correlates with your brand.

For example, if your company sells rum, you could offer a trip to the city/country where the rum is made, along with a tour of the distillery. Or if your brand supports a cause or sport, perhaps tickets to a related event. This will help your customers to become more engaged with your brand and the promotion.

With a little effort, you can create a sweepstakes that adds value to your brand. 

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When to Go Big or Stay Small With Sweepstakes Prizes

There’s been a lot of discussion about which option brings in more customers: smaller sweepstakes prizes, such as movie tickets, or larger sweepstakes prizes, such as a dream vacation to a tropical island. While the choice of prizes largely depends on the brand, there may be benefits to using both types of prizes.

Here is how to decide when to go big or stay small with sweepstakes prizes.

Large Sweepstakes Prizes Drive Brand Awareness and Sales

A large prize offers many benefits for a brand. When the text to win is advertised in a retail location, the promotion can help the brand stand out from the competition.

With a chance to win a huge prize, of $1 million for instance, chances are you’ll see an increase in sales and customers purchase your product simply to learn more about your brand with the ultimate goal of being selected as a winner of the sweepstakes.

Honda Dealers of New England used a text sweepstakes to attract thousands of entrants by offering a chance to win a new car. The company managed to generate sales leads for their dealerships by running a text to win during professional hockey and football games.

Smaller Sweepstakes Prizes Provide an Ongoing Source of Leads for Your Business

While big prizes certainly attract a lot of attention, there is also a case for offering smaller sweepstakes prizes.

Firstly, smaller prizes are less expensive and can be awarded to more winners. Smaller prizes also allow your brand to run the text to win promotion more frequently, ensuring a steady source of new leads and customers.

Giving away many small prizes also gives people the feeling they can actually win. This will bring out even the most skeptical participants who are now more likely to enter. They’re also more likely to re-enter your future promotions, even if they don’t win the first time, because it’ll seem as if the odds are in their favor with smaller, more frequent prizes. 

Ultimately, the decision to offer large or small sweepstakes prizes should be driven by the sales needs of your business. Think of large prizes as a way to make a big splash, while smaller prizes help keep the momentum going for your brand.

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Wendy’s Appeals to Yankees Fans with Text to Win Sweepstakes

Wendys Appeals to Baseball Fans with Summer Text to Win Promotion

Wendy’s aimed for a home run with its last text to win and it hit the ball out of the park by using Sweeppea’s text to win platform. A summer promotion for franchisees in the Northeast, Wendy’s offered free tickets to NY Yankees games for more than 100 lucky winners.

In collaboration with Empower Creative; tray liners, bag stuffers, signs and digital media all promoted the campaign to customers, who had to visit a local Wendy’s to get the sweepkey word needed to enter. Customers entered by texting WENDYS or YANKEES to 65047 for a chance to win 4 tickets to a Yankees game.

With thousands of entries, the text to win was a success for Wendy’s. The company gave tickets to more than 100 winners, allowing each to attend a game with family or friends from July through September.

Wendys Appeals to Baseball Fans with Summer Text to Win Promotion


  • To build excitement and awareness for the brand
  • To gain a database of participants to re-market offers via text message and email.

Promotional Channels:

  • In-store signage and materials
  • Digital marketing


  • Thousands of entries and 125 winners
  • The brand boosted awareness and built a list of mobile participants
  • Store Foot Traffic increased

Prize: Winners received four tickets to a NY Yankees game at Yankee Stadium.

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