The Future of Text Messaging for Business

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In 2018, text messaging or SMS dominates daily life as Americans spend more time on their phones. But how will text messaging for business continue to evolve and what’s the future outlook?

Here are 5 predictions on the future of text and SMS marketing:

1. Business Use of Text Messaging Will Grow

More businesses will adopt text messaging as they explore new opportunities for improving brand loyalty. In fact, a study has found that 90 percent of smartphone users who enroll in SMS loyalty clubs offered by companies feel they benefit from the interaction. Running a text sweepstakes is a great way to start or grow your company’s loyalty clubs.

2. Voice Recognition Technology Will Get Better

In the coming years, voice recognition technology is expected to improve dramatically. With reliable voice recognition that can be used to dictate text messages, SMS could in fact become a valuable, long-form communication tool. This will allow brands to have more detailed and engaging conversations with their target audiences.

3. Brands Will Recognize the Value of Text Messaging Over Apps

Although messaging apps are on the rise, they have security vulnerabilities and they limit your audience. Plus, many users don’t want to give yet another big company their data.

For example, most WhatsApp users didn’t realize they were handing over access to their contacts when Facebook bought WhatsApp. As a result of cases like these, more users will likely turn to SMS or text messaging. It’s a familiar and private tool that doesn’t track them across all of their social media accounts.

4. Text Messaging Will Be Preferred Over Downloading Yet Another App

How many apps do you have on your phone and how many do you actually use often? Several studies have already shown that most people get app fatigue and delete apps after little use.

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5. More Customers Will Turn to SMS to Save Data

In a post net neutrality world, more customers will have to make sacrifices in order to save money on their data plans. Fortunately, when users run out of data on their plans by the end of the month, text messaging is still available.

Unlike apps, which use data even when running in the background on a smartphone, text messaging won’t significantly increase users’ cell plan costs.

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5 Things About Text to Win Your Boss Wants to Know

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You’ve come up with a plan to run a text to win that will boost sales, attract new customers, and improve brand loyalty for your company. Now comes the hard part… selling the idea to your boss.

Before you make the pitch, you should consider the objections your boss is likely to make, so that you have the answers that will change his opinion to get him on board.

Here are 5 things your boss will want to know about text to win:

1. Are Businesses Really Using SMS Marketing?

If your company hasn’t done any text marketing at all, one thing your boss will want to know is if it’s really used. Highlight examples of SMS marketing done by your competitors. In fact, you can cite these case studies from major brands that have run text to win campaigns and their results as evidence.

In addition, 97% of Americans in the 18-29 age bracket use their cell phones for SMS messaging. This means almost every Millennial uses text messaging and some of them are likely your customers. Another study found that 64% of consumers believe businesses should use SMS messages to interact with customers more often than they currently do.

2. How Does a Text to Win Campaign Align With Our Current Marketing Plans?

Do you run sweepstakes or contests now? Just like a regular sweeps, a text to win campaign can piggyback on any marketing efforts. Plus, it’s faster and easier.

3. How Much Does it Cost?

If you opt for a self-service plan, you’ll pay a fixed amount, depending on the length of your campaign. You’ll get access to a host of features with the added benefit of a dedicated account manager. Everything is included… really. If you need more help, our full-service management includes conceptual development advice, account setup, and campaign administration. Contact us for details.

4. Who Will the Text to Win Target?

Although we mentioned Millennials earlier, they’re not the only ones using text. With the prevalence of smartphones, a broader range of consumers are comfortable with SMS. Even back in 2013, a study by Experian showed that those aged 45 to 54 average nearly 500 texts per month or more. The numbers for this year are likely much higher.

The bottom like is that a text to win can target whichever audience you’re targeting already. It can reach your existing customers and attract new ones as well.

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5. How Do We Measure the Results?

Sweeppea offers campaign data reports, including Participants Profile Reports and Performance Insight Reports. From these reports, you’ll be able to gather the information you need to segment your list, localize your campaign, and improve your marketing materials.

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