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How to Use Text SMS Sweepstakes for Event Marketing

Text SMS sweepstakes are very effective for event marketing since they can be used to create excitement both before and during an event. This creates a double win for you as you build awareness and grow your customer list for future promotions at the same time.

Check out these tips on how to use text SMS sweepstakes effectively for event marketing.

Before an Event

Country music singer and songwriter Brad Paisley and his “Weekend Warrior” tour forged a partnership with WUSA 9 TV station and launched a text to win in order promote the tour. Fans were offered the chance to win tickets via text.

This is a great example of using text to raise excitement and awareness about a tour or event. The text to win promotion brought in hundreds of entries at a time. This list of entries can later be used to re-market tour sponsors’ offers via text message and email (with user opt-in or permission).

Such a sweepstakes is also a great way to remind your audience about recurring events. The Citi Open, a professional tennis tournament, recently used Sweeppea’s platform to run a sweepstakes offering tickets to the event as a prize.

The promotion served as a way to remind fans about this upcoming annual event and inform their audience about unique features of the current year’s event. This promotion resulted in hundreds of participants and new email leads.

During an Event

Hosting a text to win during your event is a great way to add to the excitement and get a list of leads for future promotions.

Honda Dealers of New England recently used this strategy with a text SMS sweepstakes that offered a chance to win a new car. This promotion was done during hockey and football games as a way to connect with Millennial sports fans.

By posting stadium signage and using brand ambassadors to actively engage with fans, Honda Dealers of New England managed to generate more than 1,000 sales leads.

This can also be done prior to an event if finding pre-qualified leads is your goal. When Ron Howard and Associates sponsored the Canton Waterfront Park Summer Concert Series, the company included a web form after the participant entered to ask if they were planning to buy or sell a home within the next 2 months.

Getting Started With Text SMS Sweepstakes for Event Marketing

Text SMS sweepstakes for event marketing are worth testing since they don’t require much effort to manage or a large upfront investment to get started.

As you plan your own sweepstakes, keep in mind you should always match your sweepstakes prizes to your promotion goals, brand, and target audience. Define your official rules, promote your text sweepstakes heavily and track your results.

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