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Text to Win Sweepstakes Ideas for Brick and Mortar Retailers

Retail is changing and retailers need to step it up if they want to attract the attention of customers who increasingly prefer to shop online.

While all is not lost as brick and mortar stores are likely here to stay for the foreseeable future, they still need to entice online shoppers to visit their physical locations.

A text to win sweepstakes is a great way to engage with your customers as they shop in-store.

Here’s Why Brick and Mortar Stores Are NOT Obsolete

According to several studies compiled by Cuebiq, shoppers’ interest in in-person retail experiences remains high. Here are some of the highlights from those studies:

  • A study conducted by the International Council of Shopping Centers has confirmed that during the 2018 holiday shopping season, 93% of shoppers shopped at a physical store.
  • Customers like the ability to shop for last-minute purchases by visiting a brick and mortar location, especially during the holidays. In 2018, sales from Super Saturday, the Saturday before Christmas, topped Black Friday sales bring in nearly $2 billion more in revenue.
  • Interest in “click-and-collect” services is fueling customer trips to brick and mortar locations, according to a report from Euclid. The study found that 42% of customers said that they would shop with a brand online if they were able to choose pick up in-store at checkout.
  • A Euclid study found that nearly 40% of weekly online shoppers said that they would visit a popup to enjoy an in-person retail experience.

As a result, it only makes sense to continue using in-store promotions to engage with customers at your retail locations.

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Engage Your Customers With These Back to School Text to Win Sweepstakes Ideas

Now that you know that customers still flock to brick and mortar stores across the country, you need promotions that will appeal to customers who also like to shop online.

Running a text to win is a great way to stay in touch with customers in-between trips to your store and attract those who are normally online-only shoppers.

With back-to-school season right around the corner here are a few text to win sweepstake ideas:

1. Last-minute Labor Day Getaway

With back-to-school marking the end of the summer, why not treat your customers and their families to a last-minute getaway for Labor Day weekend? You can choose from a range of family friendly destinations including amusement parks and farms.

You can also provide accommodations for a staycation for local customers if your business is located in a city that is popular with tourists.

2. Tech Gadgets for School

Tech gadgets are expensive and are in high demand for back-to-school season. To provide kids with something they want but also need for school, you can offer a tech gadget as the prize for your text to win.

3. Back to School Bonus Cash

If your brand is more for the parents than the kids, they will appreciate some help with the costs of getting prepared for back to school. For your back to school sweepstakes, you can offer to cover the cost of books or school supplies for a lucky winner.

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