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Is Your Marketing on Mobile Yet? Here’s Why It’s Getting Critical

Is your marketing on mobile yet? If you aren’t already using mobile marketing, the stakes are now higher than ever. Here is why SMS marketing is getting critical.

1. Americans are Spending More Time on Mobile Devices

In 2016, eMarketer reported that Americans were spending an average of 10 hours per day on their mobile devices. In fact, Americans spend more than 500 hours per year navigating websites or talking on their mobile device.

This means that there are ample opportunities for other businesses to capture the attention of these individuals. If you won’t take advantage of these audiences, others will.

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2. Interest in Mobile Commerce is Higher Than Ever

More consumers than ever are now using their mobile devices to purchase items from online retailers. In fact, over half of e-commerce visits now start on a mobile device. Businesses that use mobile marketing to attract sales will see an increase in revenue.

3. Shoppers Can Engage With Mobile Campaigns in Stores

SMS marketing gives consumers the opportunity to engage with a brand’s mobile campaigns while they shop in-store. Businesses that run text sweepstakes can take advantage of this: an in-store promotional display for your text to win campaign can attract more entrants.

4. SMS Open Rates Are Higher Than Email Open Rates

SMS has an open rate of up to 98%. In addition, 90% of people who open a text message will read it within 3 seconds of opening it. This fact blows email marketing out of the water. By following up with your customers during and after a text to win campaign, you can use SMS to convert more of those leads to sales.

5. Mobile Marketing is Popular Across All Demographics

With the adoption of smartphones and tablets on the rise, mobile marketing is becoming an effective tool for reaching audiences across all demographics. This development means that marketers now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reach their mobile audiences first.

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