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Text Message Marketing the Fastest Way to Reach Customers? 78% of Consumers Say ‘Yes’

Are you looking for the fastest and most effective way to reach your customers?

Given the fact that 90% of all text messages are read within the first 3 minutes, text messaging is one of the fastest ways to reach consumers

But if you’re not fully convinced text messaging can work, here’s some information from consumers…

Consumers Prefer Text

Fortunately, there is now data, backed by reports from real consumers, that proves the effectiveness of text message marketing. Recently, Vibes did a survey which asked consumers what they thought about the fastest communication to reach them.

The survey, published in their 2016 report, found that 78% of consumers believe that text messaging is the fastest way for businesses to reach them. Consumers even prefer text messaging over mobile email (48%), push notifications (32%), and emails sent on desktop or tablet devices (27%).

So why is text messaging so popular among consumers?

Consumers Are Going Mobile

The trend towards mobile has been in full swing for some time. However, the adoption of mobile devices is no longer only about social media and ecommerce. In fact, consumers are making the shift to mobile across all industries.

Text Messaging is Convenient

In a recent survey of 1,000 internet users done by Ovum, nearly a third of survey respondents reported that sending a text message to a company was less time-consuming and more convenient than other ways of communicating with a company.

Text Message Use Has Remained Consistent

Another important thing to note about text messaging is the fact that consumers’ use of text messages has remained consistent over the years. In fact, most consumers have reported that they use text messaging more as the years pass rather than less. Most importantly, text messaging outranks phone calls as the preferred method of contact for millennials.

With so much evidence to prove that you can develop a loyal following for your business by using text message marketing, it’s safe to assume that an SMS marketing campaign can bring good returns for your business. 

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