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How to Grow Your Email List with Mobile Sweepstakes

If you really want to maximize the results of your marketing efforts you need to create and maintain an active list of email subscribers.

Although consumers are generally reluctant to give away their email addresses, there is one instance in which they will: to have a chance to win a prize from a mobile sweepstakes.

To help you grow your email list with a mobile sweepstakes, here are the steps to follow:

1. Run a Sweepstakes With Multiple Winners for More Entries

The formula for maximizing the number of entrants and ultimately the number of new email subscribers you can collect is simple. The more chances to win, the more entries your text sweepstakes will attract.

Instead of running a sweepstakes with a single prize, schedule your sweepstakes to run on an ongoing basis with weekly or monthly prize giveaways. This makes entrants feel like they have a greater chance of winning which makes them more likely to enter.

2. Add an Email Field to Your Web Entry Form

When entrants sign up for your text sweepstakes via web, make sure that you collect their email addresses as well by adding an email field to your web entry form. By doing this, it will make it seem mandatory that they have to enter their email addresses in order to join your giveaway.

In addition, it also creates a path of least resistance in that the entrant is more willing to give their email address at the time of signup rather than during one of your follow ups later on in your campaign.

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3. Ensure Your Text Sweepstakes Attracts Targeted Email Subscribers

Now that you’ve set up your campaign to maximize the number of entrants, you need to know how to attract targeted subscribers. Here are a few tips:

Make Your Text Sweepstakes Highly Shareable

A New York Times study revealed that 94% of people carefully consider the content that they will share on social media.

Many users also see the content that they share on social media as a direct extension of their personalities given that 68% said that they consider what the content says about them before sharing it.

Therefore, you need to design your promotional creatives so that they are something that people will be happy to share with others. Think bold, creative, and exciting to help drive engagement with your text sweepstakes promotions.

Choose the Right Prize

The prizes that you select for your text sweepstakes should appeal to your target market.

While big cash prizes are exciting, they don’t do much to help ensure that you only attract the people who you want on your email list.

Generic prizes such as an iPad or a free trip to a random destination don’t even encourage people to look at your brand.

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Instead, prizes that appeal to those that are already interested in your brand, such as free samples of new products from your brand or a year’s worth of your service for free, are much better choices.

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