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Football Promotion Ideas for Mobile

Football season is here! Fans are getting ready to enjoy another season of tailgating and the excitement of watching peewee, school, college, and professional football. It’s also the perfect time to promote your business with a football sweepstakes.

Let’s kick things off with a few football promotion ideas for mobile and tips on how to run a football sweeps.

The Rules

Before you launch your football text to win, there are a few important things you need to know:

1. Watch Out for Copyright or Trademark Law Violations

Unless your company is an official NFL or Super Bowl sponsor, you are not allowed to mention any NFL properties or the Super Bowl as a part of the promotion or as prizes. You should also obtain permission from any peewee, school or college team if you plan to make mention of their team or games in your promotion.

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2. No Purchase Necessary

Make sure there is no purchase required to enter your sweepstakes. Otherwise, your promotion may be illegal. Have an attorney review your official rules before your promotion goes live to ensure compliance with all applicable laws in your state.

3. No Alcohol as Prizes / 21+ to Enter

Football promotions are popular among alcohol companies and booze is often part of a tailgate party. But you’re not allowed to give away alcohol as part of a prize in most states. If the winner will attend a venue where alcohol is served as part of the prize, make sure entry is only allowed for those 21 or older.

Football Text to Win Ideas

Now that you know the rules, it’s time to play! Here are a few football text to win ideas to try:

Game Tickets + Trip to Game

Free game tickets and an all-expenses-paid trip to the game is like the holy grail of prizes for football fans. If you want to give your promotion a big bang, make sure that the game tickets that you’re giving away are to one of the most important games of the season.

Win a Favorite Fan Pack

Most footballs fans have a favorite player. To get customers interested in your promotion, you can run a sweepstakes that gives them memorabilia for (or signed by) their favorite player. This is best done with approval from the player or the team itself.

Some items you can give away include the player’s jersey with their number and name, a signed photo of the player, and some of the player’s favorite items from your brand. You can also increase the shareability of your promotion by having the star player record a video message to congratulate the winner of the sweeps.

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Ultimate Tailgate Party for College Football

Free food, catering, a cooler, and decorations are the best way to impress the winners with an Ultimate Tailgate Party prize for college football. You can also add in some keepsakes that are branded with your company’s logo such as a grill, chairs or t-shirts. It’s possible they’ll show up in the photos your customers post on social media.

Deluxe Viewing Party for the Big Game

If your product or service is best enjoyed at home, make it possible for them to watch the big game and enjoy your product with a Deluxe Viewing Party prize. The prize pack can include a huge smart TV, a new sofa, and catering to make their game-time experience something to remember.

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