No Spam Policy

Momares and have a zero tolerance policy for spam.

We define any unwanted text (SMS) message as spam. If the recipient of the text message is receiving an undesired message we consider this as spam.

Momares and follow the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and wireless carrier's guidelines regarding the procedures that protect users from unwanted text (SMS) messages.

Any text message (SMS) recipient can, at any time, opt-out permanently from receiving future messages from that sender by simply sending a text message from their mobile phone to our shortcode (65047) with any of the following words END, STOP, STOP ALL, QUIT, CANCEL, or UNSUBSCRIBE.

If you need help, are having problems or would like to report spam please click here.

You may update your account information by login in to your account and accessing the "my account" section. All users must opt-in to a keyword. Users can unsubscribe from a keyword at any time and no longer receive any messages from that keyword until they re-subscribe again. Momares or are not liable for any messages sent by our clients or customers through the use of our services. Momares or clients are responsible for acquiring subscription/opt-in to their Sweepkey-words.