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Case Study: WUSA 9 TV Station Uses Text-to-Win to Run Weekly Sweepstakes

“Washington DC’s Leading Local News” TV station, WUSA-9, wanted to create engaging sweepstakes that worked well on air and could promote their sponsors.

So how did they build excitement while keeping it easy to manage? By using Sweeppea’s text-to-win platform and awarding prizes every week. By running it weekly, they get their audience’s attention with a new prize each week. Plus, it’s a great way to add value for their sponsors.

Promoting it on air is as simple as telling viewers to text a sweepkey to 65047 to enter. (While mentioning that text & data fees apply.) Choosing winners with the automatic random winner picker also makes it easy for the station to run.


  • To create and promote weekly text-to-win sweepstakes on behalf of the TV station’s sponsors.
  • To quickly select and notify winners.
  • To gain a database of participants to re-market sponsor’s offers via text message and emails.

Promotional Channels:

  • Mentions and spots during the TV news program
  • Social Media promotion

Outcome (differs by sweepstakes):

  • Hundreds of participants enter.
  • Hundreds of new emails are collected for the station and/or its sponsors.

Prize: They differ by sweepstakes, but many are free tickets to events.

To get started with your own text-to-win, see features and pricing.