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Sweeps Prize Ideas for B2B or Service-based Businesses

Text sweepstakes are no longer just for B2C businesses. However, the main difference is that a B2B text to win campaign needs to be buyer-focused in order for it to be successful.

This finding is the result of research done by Harvard Business Review which found that 90% of business decision-makers initiate their purchasing processes by canvassing opinions from industry experts via social media.

As a result, if you advertise your text to win campaign on social media, you can directly connect with those decision-makers.

Now that you know where to locate your target audience, it’s time to turn those visitors into leads.

Here are B2B sweeps prizes ideas and prize delivery recommendations that you can use to launch a successful text to win campaign.

1. A Year’s Worth of Service or Access to Your Own Product

As a B2B or service-based business, one of the most effective prizes that you can give to sweeps entrants is your own product.

When you give away free trials or full access to your service for a year, you give potential buyers the chance to start researching and thinking about your offering.

Running a text sweepstakes with your product as the prize attracts a lot of attention and you can be assured that this attention will translate to greater product awareness.

2. Create a Product Bundle

Another way to deliver your product or service as a sweeps prize is to bundle your item with that of a complimentary business service.

Not only will this make your product seem more enticing, it will allow your text to win to appeal to a larger pool of B2B buyers that may not be familiar with your brand.

They may know the brand that you have partnered up with, automatically give your brand the same trust and credibility as your partner’s brand.

3. A Consulting or Customization Package

Bonus consulting services or customization of your product is a great way to add exclusivity to your prize. A consulting or customization package for your product will help to increase participation since it won’t be a service that is normally available to buyers at all or without a significant cost.

Bring Excitement to the Delivery of Your Sweepstakes Prize

As much as it’s important to delight your customers with your sweepstakes prize, you can also use the delivery of your prize to drive B2B buyer participation as well. Let entrants know that you will deliver the prize at a special event planned by your company or even at an upcoming conference or industry event.

Another unique way to deliver your prize that will make things more exciting for entrants is to have the prize delivered by a notable person in your industry.

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