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Retailers Want Promotional Ideas from Distributors. Here’s One… Text-to-Win

We all know that getting your product into a retail store doesn’t mean it’s going to sell. And with shelves full of competing products, it’s your job it to help retailers showcase your product. That’s why they’re constantly on the lookout for promotional ideas that boost sales.

We have a good idea for you… text-to-win sweepstakes.

What is it?

A text-to-win is a mobile sweepstakes in which the consumer enters by simply sending a text message on their phone. It’s one of the easiest sweepstakes to enter and to run.

Steps of a Text-to-Win sweepstakes.
1. Advertise you call to action, 2. Confirm participants entry, 3. Participants info is saved on your account.

Although text-to-win has been around for many years, it’s still fairly new to most. Large brands have realized its potential, however, and have been using it more often in recent years.

It’s increasingly a mobile-first world and text messaging is the new frontier in modern marketing.

Why text-to-win works in retail…

  • It’s convenient. Shoppers can enter a text-to-win while in the store.
  • It can build excitement and improve your positioning or display space in store.
  • It’s easy to add on to POS’s, FSI’s, store shoppers, circulars or ads (print, social, TV, etc.) by adding the call-to-action of your sweeps. “Text WIN to 65047 to enter our sweeps.”
  • The same text-to-win program can be used in multiple retailers.
  • Texts have among the highest open rates (90%+) and redemption rates (up to 15% on offers)
  • It’s not just for Millenials. Up to 92% of the 50+ crowd text weekly. (Pew Research)

The myths that keep brands from going mobile

While texting for business is more than 20 years old, there is still a bit of distrust held over from the early days. But these myths no longer hold true…

Texting is spam

Text messaging for businesses is more highly regulated than email spam, since it’s overseen by the telecomm industry and the FCC. Trust that AT&T and other phone providers will come down hard on anyone using their system for text spam. In fact, anyone sending spam texts can be charged up to $1,500 per text, per recipient.

Consumers don’t trust text

Americans are comfortable with text, now more than ever. About 97% use it once a day, according to Pew Research. And since it’s native to all mobile phones, there’s no learning curve or app to download.

Consumers don’t understand text-to-win

Tell that to Bed, Bath & Beyond, Bud Light, Publix, Pizza Hut, Wal-Mart, etc.  Consumers of all ages are now comfortable with sending a text to enter a sweepstakes. It’s more likely that a brand might not understand it or is new to using text, but we can help guide you in the right direction.

Text is a fad for Millenials only

That might have been true in the early days, but is no longer the case. As we said earlier, up to 92% of Americans aged 50 or older text at least once a week, according to Pew Research. Remember, many people are getting rid of their land lines and using mobile phones only and they are more comfortable with all smartphone featuers. Text is here to stay and it’s used more often than ever.

The bottom line…

While texting for business is regulated, it’s not complicated.

Text-to-win sweepstakes are convenient for shoppers and brand marketers and can bring high returns in store.

To get started with your own text-to-win, see features and pricing.