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How the Wonderland Play Used Text to Win in Theater Marketing

Wonderland Alice’s Rock and Roll Adventure entices fans to stumble down the rabbit hole into a musical adventure. And the promoters tapped Sweeppea for a magical text to win to build excitement and buzz for the play.

As a theater marketing idea, text to wins are well suited for shows, concerts, plays, theater productions like Wonderlandand and other entertainment shows. Its mobile nature makes it easy for audience members to enter while at the show or before. It’s also convenient for the sweepstakes sponsor as they don’t have to worry about paper forms or creating mini websites.

Sweepstakes promotion can also easily piggy back on any existing campaigns in print, video, social media or other channels. Just entice fans to send a text to enter and Sweeppea’s text to win platform takes care of the rest. It can even auto respond with texts asking fans to click a link to the show’s website  and can also choose random winners when the time comes.

With text to win, show fans can continue their magical journey on on mobile before and after the show.


  • To promote the show while on tour
  • To build excitement and awareness for this new production
  • To gain a database of participants to re-market their offers via text and email

Promotional Channels:

  • Mentions and spots on WUSA-9 TV
  • Social Media promotion
  • Local billboard advertising


  • Hundreds of participants entered
  • Hundreds of new emails were collected

Prize: Five winners each received 2 tickets to see Wonderland

Want to include text to win in your own theater marketing? See our features and contact us.