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Ragtime Musical Uses Text-to-Win Sweepstakes for Promotion

Ragtime The Musical wanted to build excitement and buzz for the acclaimed musical by offering a chance to win VIP tickets to the show. Text-to-win sweepstakes are well suited for shows, concerts, theater productions like Ragtime and other entertainment. Its mobile nature makes it easy for audience members to enter while at the show. It’s also convenient for the sweepstakes sponsor as it doesn’t have to worry about paper forms.  Text-to-wins can be promoted on programs, posters and on social media as well.


  • To promote the show while on tour.
  • To build excitement and awareness for the event.
  • To gain a database of participants to re-market offers via text message and emails.

Promotional Channels:

  • TV channel spots
  • Local billboard advertising
  • Social Media promotion


  • Hundreds of participants entered.
  • Hundreds of new emails collected.

Prize: Five (5) winners each received two (2) tickets to see Ragtime, The Musical.

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