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Morton Salt 100th Birthday Sweepstakes Prize Is Not Salt, But You’ll Need Salt!

Not Salt

When you sell salt, giving away your product is not a good option as a sweepstakes prize. That’s why Geico doesn’t giveaway insurance or Bufferin aspirin bottles. They just aren’t very attractive prizes. Salt, as important for food flavoring as it is, it is not a very desirable prize since salt is readily available, inexpensive and boring.

A Prize They Want

This is why the folks at Morton Salt are giving away other prizes like Wüsthof Knifes and Cuisinart Mixers. These prizes, or better yet, culinary tools are all related to the things majors salt users love, which is to cook. And salt users would like to win new cooking tools thus enticing them to enter the sweepstakes and instant win game. Morton Salt has effectively tied their prizes (desirable cooking tools) and brand to an activity their number one customers enjoy in hopes that when the buy salt, they’ll buy Morton Salt.

It’s Missing Mobile Entry for the Busy Text (SMS) Addicted Mom’s

I would have liked to have seen a mobile entry component to the sweepstakes. I can image busy moms and chefs finding it way easier to text MORTON to 65047 to enter for a chance to win, instead of having to “Like” Morton on Facebook and then complete a form to enter. I do like the prize selection and instant win component. Well done Morton Salt and Happy 100th Birthday!