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How to Increase Entries for Your Sweepstakes

Oftentimes, brands think that offering any kind of giveaway will attract customers.

Unfortunately, with so many companies vying for the average consumer’s attention, the bare minimum simply won’t cut it when it comes to launching a successful sweepstakes promotion.

If you really want to maximize your sweepstakes entries, you must engage your participants. Don’t let people think that your sweepstakes isn’t worth entering.

To help you achieve better results, here are 3 proven ways to increase entries for your sweepstakes.

1. Award Prizes to Multiple Winners

Even if it’s an amazing prize, having a single prize makes consumers feel like the odds of winning are so low that your sweepstakes isn’t worth entering. You can fix this problem and attract more entries by simply awarding prizes to multiple winners instead of a single winner.

While you may have to give away smaller prizes, make sure that they are still worth winning. No customer will care that you’re giving away 50 key chains to “lucky” winners.

2. Offer a More Expensive Prize

Companies are always on the lookout for new ways to cut costs. However, when it comes to selecting prizes for your text to win, going the cheap route will only yield fewer entries. No one wants to put in the effort to enter a sweepstakes to win something cheap.

Most customers aren’t cheapskates nor are they super lazy. If they could just buy your prize from the store for a few bucks, why should they bother to enter a sweepstakes that they probably won’t win instead?

Whether it’s a year’s worth of your product/service or an expensive gift or trip, go all out for more appeal.

3. Make It Easy to Enter

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to make your sweepstakes easy to enter. In fact, we’ve designed our entire Sweeppea platform around the best practices for text to win marketing so that your sweepstakes will generate as many entries as possible.

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Text (hint, hint) is one of the easiest ways to enter a sweeps. You can enter from anywhere, even while in store. Your customers will also enjoy a text to win giveaway because there’s no new app to download or website to go to in order to enter.

Your customer only has to send a text with a Sweepkey to a shortcode to become a participant. It’s that simple.

Next time you launch a sweepstakes, consider these tips if you want to maximize your results from your promotion. Your customers will be satisfied and you’ll gain the subscribers you need to grow your business.

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