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Does Your Text Sweepstakes Pass the Mom Test?

Have you given your text sweepstakes the “Mom Test?” If not, this simply means you should think about how your mom might react when you talk to her about your text to win campaign.

If she’s excited and ready to sign up, then you’ve passed. But if she’s confused and doesn’t really understand what you’re saying, then maybe it’s time to rethink some things.

Why does this matter?

Think of moms as the average consumer. If your mom gets it, your audience will too. Here are three features every text sweepstakes should have to ensure it passes the “Mom Test.”

Easy to Understand

What are you giving away and why are you doing it? Big prizes are meaningless unless consumers can see the benefits. Make sure your audience can see the clear connection between your text to win promotion and your brand.

If you’ve gotten it right, when you describe your sweepstakes, mom will say, “Wow, that sounds exciting. How can I enter your text sweepstakes?”


Do your prizes actually appeal to your audience? Will you be able to attract paying customers for your company from your follow-up marketing messages?

Your text sweepstakes needs to create a desire in your audience that will drive them to enter. In the same way that moms are often on the lookout for good deals, your text to win should immediately stand out as a promotion your audience will want.

On the flip side, you don’t a free prize to be their only motivation. Your prizes should also be relevant to your brand so that entrants want to know more about or feel like it’s a good opportunity to try it.

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Moms may or may not be tech savvy, but they often get into text messaging because of their kids. In this way, text sweepstakes appeal to moms because they’re easier to enter than social media and mail-in sweepstakes.

As you design your creatives for your text to win campaign, make sure  you emphasize how easy it is to enter. In the same way you might explain a complicated tech concept to your mom, break down the steps to entering so that entrants can sign up as quickly as possible.

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