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Can You Change Your Official Rules During a Text to Win?

In general, is not a good idea to change the rules for your text to win after it has started. However, there may be certain situations where a rule change might be possible or even necessary.

Here is how to approach a revision to the Official Rules after your text to win has begun.

Consider the Impact on Existing Entrants

If you’re trying to decide whether or not you should change the rules, you should first consider the impact the change might have on those who already entered your sweepstakes.

Here are the scenarios in which you should not change your Official Rules after your text to win has started:

  • You’ve already registered and bonded your text sweepstakes with the state. If you are required to do this or have done it in certain states like New York or Florida, changing the Official Rules is illegal.
  • An Official Rules change affects the odds of winning. If your proposed rule change will modify the odds of winning the text sweepstakes, you shouldn’t change them because you might  be sued by your entrants.
  • The change creates an unfair advantage for some entrants. Some entrants may be granted an unfair advantage in your text to win because the new entrants who enter after the rule change weren’t subject to the same rules. For example, changing the end date when the promotion will end soon gives an unfair advantage to new entrants.

Make an Announcement First Before the Official Rules Change Goes Into Effect

If you have decided that you absolutely must make a change to your Official Rules, because you need to change the end date of the promotion or due to an issue with a sponsor, make an announcement first.

The announcement of the revision to the Official Rules should also be clearly indicated in all advertising for the promotion. Make sure to let all entrants know the exact date when the change to the Official Rules goes into effect.

Be Prepared for Fallout

If you’re considering a rules change for your text to win, keep in mind that making changes can have major consequences on your promotion. You also won’t be able to control the negative feedback that you receive if entrants are not happy with your decision.

The best solution is to just make sure that you get your Official Rules right the first time and have a plan of action in place in the event that something unexpected happens.

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