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Bilingual Text Sweepstakes Scores a Win for Lawn Equipment Company

When big events like season finals come around, they present opportunities to take part in the excitement and reach fans who may be potential customers. ECHO, a manufacturer of lawn care equipment, took advantage of this chance to reach their audience in both English and Spanish.

The company leveraged Sweeppea’s platform to create a promotion for a few soccer team markets in both languages. This meant keywords, text messages and entry forms in both languages. Marketing and advertising were also carried out in both languages on the radio  and in social media.

Fans watching (or listening) to the games in English were asked to “Text the word POWER to 65047 ” to enter, while Spanish-language fans were asked to “Text PODER to 65047.” The promotion in Spanish followed up with text replies, an entry form and even Official Rules in the same language.

Offering text sweepstakes in Spanish is beneficial to brands in many industries. Sweeppea’s text sweepstakes platform offers a fully immersive experience with all text, even instructions, in Spanish.

Spanish text sweepstakes for ECHO


  • To build excitement and awareness for the brand during sporting events.
  • To reach soccer fans and potential customers in both English and Spanish.
  • To gain a database of participants to re-market offers via text message and email.

Promotional Channels:

  • Radio spots
  • Social Media promotion
  • Other digital media (email, etc.)


  • Thousands of participants entered.
  • New emails were collected as well.

Prize: Monthly winners received an authentic MLS jersey each (ARV: $150). One Grand Prize winner received an ECHO X Series Package with a PB-770T X Series Backpack Blower, Red Armor Fuel, Safety glasses, gloves and hat (ARV: $560).

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