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Asking Extra Questions on Your Sweepstakes Entry Form: Good or Bad?

Here at Sweeppea, many of our clients use a web sweepstakes entry form with text to be able to collect more information.

Although a web entry form is necessary in order to provide an Alternative Method of Entry (AMOE), it can also serve another purpose: allowing companies to qualify sweepstakes leads.

If you’re trying to decide if asking extra questions on your sweepstakes web entry form is a good idea, read on for the pros and cons.

Complicated Entry Forms May Lead to Fewer Signups

First, a caveat: Research has shown complicated entry forms result in fewer signups. In other words, every extra step is seen as more work by users. So be careful with the length of your form!

While a few fields are accepted, an overly long form with a list of questions can affect entries. An extra question or two won’t be a deal breaker. It just depends on how easy they are to answer and how they’re framed in your promotion. But if you ask something that’s too personal or inappropriate for the start of your relationship with them, you’re likely to see a lower response.

Use Questions to Segment Users

If done correctly, a few non-intrusive questions could actually be very beneficial to your campaign.

Most recently, Oyster Bay Wines wanted to collect data on where people bought or saw their product.

They asked  2 questions on their sweepstakes entry form to find out how entrants learned about the promotion, as well as, whether they had purchased the company’s products before.

These types of questions can help determine the strength of your promotional channels and whether awareness of your brand is high amongst participants or in a certain area.

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Generate Leads From Entry Form Questions

Entry form questions can also be used to generate leads for your business. This method is extremely common in industries like insurance, real estate and others. Real estate firms use text to win campaigns to generate home buyer and home seller leads.

Ron Howard & Associates of RE/MAX Preferred used a text to win to generate pre-qualified leads for their sales team.

Hundreds of participants entered the company’s sweepstakes in order to win concert tickets. In this case, the company asked questions on the form regarding their interest in buying or selling real estate.

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The bottom line? When it’s time to customize your sweepstakes entry form, pursue your goals, while keeping it as simple as possible.

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