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Announce Winners to Help Promote Your Sweepstakes

The hardest aspect of running a text-to-win, or any sweepstakes, is getting people to participate. That’s because there are too many things competing for your customer’s attention. And in this mobile-first world, even mobile marketing campaigns have to do everything possible to compete.

One way to boost entries is to announce your winners. Yes, “winners” plural, because we suggest choosing more than one. If you only have one, they won’t be drawn and announced until the sweepstakes is over. While that will still help your credibility for future campaigns, it won’t boost the current one.

But if you have two or more winners, you can announce one while the sweeps is still active.  Remember, your fans enter with the hope of winning. Your announcement reminds them and keeps that hope alive.

Here’s how it can help…

Boost Participation with Congratulatory Messages

You can boost entries for your sweepstakes by posting congratulatory messages on social media and on your company’s website. This shows potential entrants that there have been winners for your sweepstakes and that they themselves still have a chance to be the next winner.

In effect, the simple act of posting past winners will encourage more people to participate during the current sweeps or in future ones.

Cement Your Credibility

Social media is full of contests and sweepstakes run by companies of all sizes. So by now, everyone has heard a story about a contest run amok or one where the prize wasn’t actually awarded. In other words, skepticism is high.

Announcing a winner shows everyone your brand is trustworthy and is fulfilling its promises.

Bonus: When a Social Media Influencer Wins

If you’re lucky enough to have selected a winner who has a significant social media following, it could pay major dividends for your brand. Make sure you ask for a photo (with permission or a release) so you can share it as well. This type of exposure is tough to come by in the digital marketing world without spending a lot of money to reach influencers directly.

Create Fresh Content for Your Brand

It can be difficult to come up with fresh and exciting content for your brand that readers actually want to engage with and share. A discussion of the winners of your text to win reinforces your brand and gives you more material to share online and in social media. (Just make sure you have permission or a release to share photos.)

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Increase Awareness During a Sweepstakes

If you are running a longer term text to win, you may decide to announce winners on a weekly or monthly basis or perhaps halfway through the sweepstakes. By announcing each round of winners with photos and announcements on social media, you can increase awareness, thus attracting more entrants.

The most important takeaway here is that your strategy for announcing the winners of your text to win should be considered as a part of your overall marketing strategy for your campaign. Don’t ignore the value that announcing winners can provide for your brand.

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